Bucket List 2013

Pretty dang excited for 2013!!! It's going to be a great year full of growing and learning and adventuring and getting healthy and being happy and joyful! I'm super excited!!! Here's what on the docket so far:

Bucket List 2013
tHe bE aLL eNd aLL liSt oF aDveNtUreS

Still waiting to be finished from 2012
1] Finish Harry Potter book series
2] Learn to fold a fitted sheet the proper way
3] Paint Craft Room
4] Visit Chicago and go to The Museum of Science & Industry
5] Go Rappelling
6] 4 wheeling adventure with my husband
7] Cliff jumping
8] Cave exploring in Kentucky

New Adventures
1] Grow closer to Jesus
2] Visit a town/city/country/state I have never been before
3] Make a new friend
4] Not color or "cut" [as in shorter] my hair
5] Get into a regular fitness routine
6] Drop 20lbs the healthy way
7] Run a 5.k race with my friend Maggie
8] Take a solo trip
9] Learn to interact/communicate/connect with teenagers
10] Own [preferably by building by hand] a large picnic table
11] Send 52 handwritten letters or cards to someone
12] Read 10 fiction books 
13] Read 10 non-fiction books
14] Do not go to a single midnight premiere... for any reason. It's just not worth it.
15] Camping at Virgin Falls this Autumn with Jared and Anna
16] Get a professional body massage... or just back/shoulders/neck/head ;)
17] Create a lifestyle change in my eating habits

Long Term Goals
1) Learn to RELAX
2) Get a tattoo
3) Live in another country for a period of time
4) Visit Rome, Italy again
5) Road Trip out West
6) Find my family's Goat Farm in Greece
7) Renovate our yard
8) Pay off our house
9) Convince my husband 4 kids is a GREAT idea
10) Have said 4 munchkins


  1. Your adventures/goals sound exciting! :) I'm still deciding what my year is going to entail. Do you know what tattoo you would like to get?

    1. thank you for your kind words Sarah! Dream big with your goals, it helps :) No, not yet... i have a couple of ideas in the works - but haven't quite decided yet.

  2. Coming from a family of four kids, I am completely in support of those last two! :D My other favorites are take a solo trip and do not go to a single midnight premiere... for any reason. It's just not worth it. SO TRUE! I've been thinking about a solo trip, too, but stupid fear of what others may think has been part of what has been holding me back (okay, and also the fact that I have been planning and on this massive Middle Eastern trip :P), but you have encouraged me to think seriously about that one again. Thanks Emily! :)


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