Kisses and Coloring Pages

So no one really calls me "Mama Em".... but it's the attitude in which I'm treated by my kids. Maybe one day when I'm old and grey and still loving on at-risk kids, they'll call me that.... a girl can dream, even if it's a funny dream to some.

I may not have kids that I've birthed or that live with me.... but I currently have around 60 kids that I love like they were my own.... I don't just say that. When they hurt, it breaks my heart. When they laugh, it brings joy to my life. When they tell me they love me, I melt to pieces. I may only get to see them for a small portion of my every weekday... but I wouldn't complain if it was every moment.

The past few months I've been given kisses and coloring pages, been shown on video by a proud Mom that her sweet boy recited John 1:1 in front of their church and said he'd learned it in my Bible study [I've never been more proud] and a sweet girl say she loved me so much she wished she could live with me. I have multiple children come up to me all the time telling me they are praying for me and "Mr. Barry". I have a couple boys who want to do nothing but simply stand by my side or have my arm around them and my hand playing with their hair.
I'm loved. I'm needed. I'm wanted even.

It's one of the biggest joys.... working with kids.
I have a little boy who made me work for a month to earn his trust and now he knows that I'd do anything for him because I love him....  even though I'm hard on him at times, he now trusts that it is for his good.
I can't even describe the feeling that gives.

I've heard that having kids is like having your heart walking around outside of your body... and even though these kids belong to other people and I'm not their "mom"..... they are my kids and that statement is true.
If I could go to every single sports game, birthday party, and music recital for all 60 kids, I would.

Most of the time I don't even know how to adequately describe how much i love the kids I get to see everyday or how much i want them to know they can trust my love for them.

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  1. That picture & this post is so sweet. The work you're doing is awesome. :)


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