friendship soulmates

Have you ever met those people who you just know God placed them in your life with such purpose it smacks you in the face with love and grace? 
Well that is what happened to me recently with my "friendship soulmate", Kelsey.

She walked into my life as a seemingly random volunteer on the very day I dropped my husband off at the airport. She says she doesn't remember me being a hot mess.... showing God's grace in my life yet again, because I'm sure I was probably very scatterbrained and awkward.

Either way she still somehow liked me enough to ask if we could get coffee one time.
Now, even though I can count on one hand how many times we've actually been able to get together and hang out... I simply can't imagine life without my sweet friend!

Jesus is the first thing you see when you see her... she's so full of Him, His love just pours out of every bit of her. She shares a mutual love of Taylor Swift and Caramel Brulee Lattes. Wise beyond her years. 
She grabs people's hands when she's excited [which i love]. Positively radiant and humble too! 
She makes mix cd's for gifts and writes up the sweetest notes you can imagine. 
She's a constant reminder of what is good and kind and absolutely lovely and wonderful!

I just absolutely adore this woman.
I've been blessed in so many ways having her in my life <3 p="p">
Most of all by pointing me to Jesus.

Have you ever had God smack you upside the head with a wonderful blessing of a friend?


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