Monthly Goal Recap

The moment of truth has arrived *buhbuhbuh buhhm*... How did I do with my goals this month, you ask? Well, pretty fantastic actually! The only one I didn't accomplish couldn't be helped. I have a body that groans and keeps me from doing things sometimes.... but you'll read about that if you continue.
So without further to do, here's how I did....

Meet up with 4 new people

Well folks! I passed this with flying colors!
I actually didn't think about this being a goal all month... but in my head I knew I wanted to try to get to know some of the people in my life better and I have done so for sure. 
I went running with my lovely friend Becky.
Ugly Mugs date with my sweet friend Jessica
Drive in theater with my friend and fellow hoosier Emily.
The Well, with my beautiful friend [also from Indiana] Laura.
I even enjoyed another random coffee date with Sara and an ever sweet Savannah.

I also went to Kings Island with Emily, Sarah, and Laura this past weekend and it was a blast!

I'm glad I've stepped out my shell cause I know some pretty awesome people!

Finish reading The Host

I did it.... I read most of it in week and just now finished the last couple chapters.
It's a really great fiction book and as soon as I got over my slump i have with every book in the first few chapters, I got really into it and couldn't put it down. Stephanie Meyer definitely knows how to write capturing characters.

Sell my Mazda Protege

It's gone..... my blue baby protege. I loved that car! 
The owner graciously gave me a great deal on it and it's all taken care of!
Now I just need to run to the bank and deposit the check :)

Visit The Well coffee shop with Sara

I did this the very first week of the month! 
Jen and Sara picked me up from the airport after my family vacation and we went to The Well! 
It was so good! I think it's by far my favorite coffee shop.... the decor is absolutely perfect, they're are non-profit, they have almond milk for the same price as soy, their coffee is way better than anywhere I've been, and did i mention it's just a really cute place? Because it is!
I've already gone at least 3 times, if not 4... I've lost track.

Write down every dollar spent

It really helped me realize what I was spending money on. It was a really hard habit to get into - taking receipts. I had to estimate on gas, cause I never remembered to take the receipt. 
Oh well. 
I have a few to record when I get home tonight.... but I know I've stayed within my budget. Which is just a really great feeling! I downloaded an app on my ipod that's going to help me keep track without having to create a spreadsheet - which'll just make it all the easier to do each month!

Eat at a new restaurant

I ate at The Grilled Cheeserie a couple weeks ago and it was divine! 
They have gluten free bread, vegan cheese options and so many different ways to make a sandwich it's great!
I'll definitely be going back and taking my family there next time they're in town!

Be able to run 2 miles without stops

Well... this is my failure. To be fair, it really isn't my fault thought...
I was doing really well the first couple weeks and then I my sciatic nerve problems flared up and still haven't completely disappeared again... I actually couldn't walk well for a couple days and had to be helped to my car by a friend one night... it's been terrible. My other leg because I'm leaning on it more has started to ache and stiffen up.... it's really dumb. I would much rather be huffing and puffing while running then have this kind of pain.

I'm linking up with my good friend Kelli at her super awesome blog She Learns As She Goes... you should too!


  1. Good job, Emily! What a refreshing monthly recap! haha. So many of us struggled on through October, but you are an inspiration. I'll be praying your sciatic nerve issues calm down so you can live life to its fullest. God bless!

    1. thank you so much Joanna - for both your sweet, encouraging words as well as your prayers!


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