Little Men

Every other Wednesday [sometimes more] I have the privilege of hanging out with my "lunch buddy", Keith.
It's literally one of the best parts of my week. 
I get uninterrupted time with my sweet boy. I learn stuff about him that I never have time to ask about during the day at Cottage Cove. He gets to point out classmates that I don't know and tells me what they are like.
It's a lot of fun, we spend most of the time giggling and taking pleasure in the fact that we can be as loud as we want and we won't get in trouble because it's our special time to hang with each other.
It's such a joy to be loved by this little man and that he allows me to love him back.

This is Keith.
He loves canned spinach and telling me all about his 3 brothers.
He was dressing up to be a Ninja to go trick or treating for Halloween and was super excited about it.
A couple fun quotes from this sweet 7 yr old:
"If I had a camera like that, I would be awkward."
"He [a kid in his class who makes funny faces to us our entire lunch date] really wants a lunch buddy, maybe you could spend some time with him, Miss Emily, because you're a good friend."


I had an extra lunch date today with little man William. 
Mr Joe is his regular lunch buddy, but seeing as he's been out sick for quite some time, 
I figured I'd help William not feel so left out. He was so happy to see me, it melted my heart. 
We're pretty good friends already, but getting the one-on-one time for 30 min, made us a little closer even.
It was a lot of fun to spend time with this little one today... all we did was giggle and tickle each other.

Little man William
First thing he said to me:
"I don't drink chocolate milk on Halloween"
He's on a winning football team and is proud of the fact that he's such a fast runner [he is too].
While explaining why it's important to eat his protein and that it'll help him grow strong he informed me that:
"I don't want to be stong, I want to be weak."
He hates taking pictures when it's just him, but loves being in pictures with other people.

 It was an incredibly fun time with my little men!

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