Pumpkin Patch

Last week we [Cottage Cove] took a group of kids down to Columbia TN to spend a day at Ring Farm. We learned about Cows, picked pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, went on a long tractor ride through a haunted hollow, learned about cotton and traveled a cotton patch, played in the "rat race" tubes, found our way through a twisty corn maze and spent time playing on the HUGE slides that the owners had built. It was so much and so good to spend non-rushed, non-crazy, non-busybusybusy time with some of our munchkins.
Each adult had a few kids assigned to them... I had the oldest of the bunch - a seventh grader named Marlon who acts like a big brother and protecter to the younger kids. He blesses me every single day with his kindness and love for learning more about Jesus. I also had the two youngest boys - a kindergartner named William who is the biggest stinker you'll ever meet. He doesn't want you to know that he likes you so he'll flat out tell you he doesn't. We've finally become friends now though... I went to see his last football game and everything. I also had one of our first graders - Jeremiah or Jay for short. He's a cutie and loves just talking with you and being loved on. It was so much fun I can't even handle it. I continue to love these kids more and more with each passing day of knowing them.

Jeremiah waiting his turn to "milk the cows"

Sweet little man, Luis

Beautiful K'niyah getting things done

Ms Sara, Ms Kirbs and most of their sweet girls

My three studs for the day.

Learning about cotton

Baby girl Raven

Mrs Angie and Jay enjoying the sights

Ms Sara, Marlon, and Makala picking their pumpkins

Raven, Ms Lesley, and Luis proud of their finds

My little group finally finding pumpkins with no bugs on them!

Me and little man William

Me and my friend Marlon

winning the "rat race"

The whole lot of us [minus Mrs Angie who kindly took the picture for us]!

If you ever want to hang out with and pour into some awesome kids - I can hook you up! There is nothing like knowing you are making a difference in something bigger than yourself and loving on kids is a great way to do it! We're a non-profit "out-of-school program" here in Nashville, TN working with kids in and around the Vine Hill Projects. We only have two full time staff members, so it takes loads of volunteers to run our program with over 60 kids. Since we are non-profit and faith based it also takes donations by generous people to keep our building running, as we take no government funding so we can teach our kids about Jesus. If you ever want to learn more or help out in ANY way [any and every way is a blessing], please contact me and I will be oh so happy to hook you up! 


  1. *loving* the yellow skinny pants! they look good on you! where did ya get?
    great post, looks like tons of fun. you know i'd be there helping if it were in florida. :)

    1. thank you friend! :) Old navy - buy them when they are on sale for $15 because they are crazy expensive normally. they fit amazingly and have all different colors.
      i know you would and am so thankful to know that!


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