Goals for October

September came and went without me putting my goal list online...
But it's ok... I was too busy to even keep up with my daily blog regularly. I caught up and my life is finally slowing down. But I didn't have a single day to myself, unless you count the two that I was super sick.
My friends kept me company in some form or another nearly everyday... sometimes two or three of them a day. It was crazy. It definitely helped my lonesomeness... but on top of my work duties and everything else I have going on a daily/weekly/monthly basis it was so busy, I hardly had time to myself! haha...
So I'm linking up with my dear friend Kelli of She Learns As She Goes again for the month of October to keep my goals in front of me.

Meet up with 4 new people
My close friends and I have been talking about making new friends... not because we are sick of each other or don't like each other. It's actually quite the opposite! We would spend every day together if we could... but this keeps us from hanging with all the other cool people in our lives! I know a lot of amazing people... I'd like to get to know them better and become close to them as well. 
So yes... 4 people. 4 people I've never hung out with one on one. 
I don't even have 4 people in mind.... well close.... like I said, I know cool people! 
It's gonna be a blast I'm sure!

Finish reading The Host
I've had a serious lack of reading going on lately.
When I'm not socializing, I waste my time online or watching something.
I have two books [The Host being one of them] that I've decided I need to have read by Thanksgiving. 
That's plenty of time.... very doable. Or so I keep telling myself.
Just gonna have to prioritize.

Visit The Well coffee shop with Sara
I honestly can't believe this hasn't happened yet. It's been weeks she's been raving about it and I just haven't made the time. It's in a part of town I rarely go to.... but it's not that far away, so I really have no excuse! 

Write down every dollar spent
Part of my new budget system.... to keep me accountable, I'm going to write down every cent.
That way, I won't go over! Or at least I hope not. 
I want to pay off our new car by Thanksgiving, visit Chicago by the end of the year and my friends in Florida for spring break.... so I gotta save more than usual. But I know I can do it... again. Prioritizing.

Eat at a new restaurant
I always go the same places and the very rare occasion I try something new, it typically becomes a new favorite! So even if I can't talk someone into going with me on an adventure.... 
I'll definitely be doing it on my own!

Sell my Mazda Protege
This has needed doing SINCE Barry left 3 weeks ago. 
If it's not gone by November.... I'm hurting myself in the long run.
Obviously, this also helps me pay off our other car. 
I think I'm just nervous going into the dealership without Barry. 
But I don't want to go with anyone else because I want to do it on my own.
Hence the hesitation I guess.

Be able to run 2 miles without stops
This really needs to happen.
I'm running a 3 mile race with my friend Maggie on Thanksgiving morning.... so I need to be able to run 3 miles by then. If not... I'm going to be that stupid looking fool huffing and puffing and stopping all the way.
I don't want to be that person. Haha.
This will also be good for one of my long term goals that I've yet to say on the blogosphere. 

So there ya go.... 7 goals for the month.... 10 when you count that I have 4 coffee dates in one goal.
There is much to do.... good thing my get 'er done personality has yet to wane.

Ya'll should join in on the fun! Make up a goal list and link up on my friend's blog!


  1. These are some GREAT goals! I would be so nervous selling a car on my own!

    1. oh my gosh... i am nervous. barry is such a sweet husband... he always takes care of that kind of stuff. haha

  2. Good luck with all your goals this month!


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