Creative Fix

This past weekend I was in a super creative mood, so I painted 4 different pieces of furniture and an actual canvas! I wish I had some before pictures to show ya'll, but I don't.... I was too excited about the end result!!! Now my entire living room furniture goes together, I had 6 mismatched pieces decorating it before and it was just blah. Now I've got greys, browns, and whites and it looks all so pretty and put together and even slightly pinteresty.
Here are some pictures of said result...

This little area used to be home to a ottoman and an odd little table that wasted a lot of space. Now it's home to my re-done bookshelf and little stools. The painting on top is the one I painted this weekend as well. I think it's super cute - what do you think?

This was the most mismatched space in the history of mismatched spaces. There was a small black entertainment thing that jutted out 6 inches too far and took up valuable space. There was the bookshelf back when it was dark brown and then the odd little table. All of those sat on the wall where my lovely, organized, one-piece shelf now sits. I love it! It gives MUCH MORE space to the living room and centers the t.v. better.... and gives me more decor space!

weird purple coloring effect

This is one of my favorite spaces on the shelf.... got to show off my little fisheye, has one of my favorite pics from our wedding, and isn't super cluttered... I like seeing the back of my wall.

Showcasing some of my favorite movies

I finally got to use some of my saved wine bottles as cute book-ends... or dvd-ends as they are being used.

Some of my favorites.

time for my art's close up!

There ya have it. My creative fix for the weekend! It was super easy and only took about a day's time total. I kind of want to do it to all the furniture in my house..... is that too much? haha


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