Without Jesus

Where would we be without Jesus?
Where would you personally be without Jesus?
Where would I personally be without Jesus?

I would probably be a completely different person. 
If the only thing stripped away from my life so far was Jesus.... 
I would've ran to other boys at a young age when I first felt the sting
of a father that would rather go out and drink then come home and spend time with me.
My current relationship with my daddy wouldn't have been redeemed through God's grace. 
It would be non-existent. I would hate him, rather than ache to see him & love him the way that I do.

Without Jesus
I would've let my addictive and passionate tendencies spin in the wrong direction ...
I would've let the bottle and pill popping become my way of life. 
I'd probably have taken several trips to the hospital from overdosing 
and found myself passed out in shameful places after drinking too much.

Without Jesus
I would've never met half the people who have shaped my life so much for the better.
I would've let countless people ruin my life by using me for their own gain.

Without Jesus
I never would've met my husband.
I would never have gone on a mission trip to help someone other than myself.
I would probably be living my life for me and my pleasure.
I'd probably have ended up with a man who abused me and treated me like dirt.
I would not have a man who although miles away at times would love me with abandoned.

Without Jesus
I would not be able to forgive those who irk me.
I probably would have seen a jail cell once or twice from fighting.
[haha... that may shock you.... but thoughts that cross my mind sometimes are crazier than that]

Without Jesus
I may not be here.
I may have thought my life wasn't worth living to the point that I ended it.
I may have put people through countless pains and heartaches from my own selfishness.

Through pain and heartache that life has thrown me... He's got me through.
He's made me stronger.
He's given me hope to push on... even when things are worse than I could've imagined.
He's loved me when I felt love from no one else.
He's made me whole when alone I'm incomplete.
He's given me people to keep me from falling and failing.
His love changes me.
I have no idea where I would be without Jesus.
What about you?
What has God's grace done for you?

***Just a quick note... 
this doesn't tell the fullness of what I'm talking about.... 
[[so please don't judge my daddy.]]
Thanks to God's grace - we have a great, funny, loving relationship! :)

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