Loving... The beautiful weather Nashville has been giving us a taste of all last week and here and there this week. Nashville severely disappointed me last year with a lack of Autumn weather. I think I made such a fuss that this pretty city knows it hurt my feelings and has decided to put Autumn on this year's itinerary.

Reading... Currently I have a lackluster relationship with my book collection. I haven't picked one up since before Barry left. How terribly and pathetically sad. The current roster includes 'The Host' and 'Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix'. The two of those must be read by Thanksgiving. I just made that goal up in the moment. Ha. Who knows if I'll actually follow through with that one.

Watching... I'm just on edge with all my 'used to be' favorites coming back on.... i feel they're all taking a turn for the worse, or i have lofty expectations, or they are ending. Glee, Community, The Office, Grey's. I'm also going through Scrubs for the first time on Netflix and am getting a hankering to watch through Gilmore Girls [i seriously watch through all of them almost every fall [sue me]].

Anticipating... Family vacation next week. I fly out on Saturday afternoon and am gone for a straight week.... so excited to spend some quality, un-rushed, beach time with the family. I'm also very excited for Thanksgiving in Indiana..... i love Indiana in the fall. All the leaves will probably be gone by that time [insert sad face] but it'll still be cool and crisp and lovely!

Listening to... I've been into much more mellow stuff lately [geez... wonder why]. I'm loving covers of songs by more talented nobodies... and the 'October Baby' Soundtrack..... gosh. the whole album is so pretty.

Planning... New and unexpected ways to love on my husband from hundreds of miles away. It's definitely 'strength training' for a relationship. We're enjoying figuring it out as we go though :)

Working on... Budgeting and saving money. Barry always took care of everything financial... but now it's up to me on the home front and I want to do it well. So I've been getting more creative in the kitchen and watching old movies instead of going out and getting them and searching clearance aisles only when it comes to clothes. It's an adventure to be sure... but I plan to have our car paid off very soon and have things in good order when my sweetheart comes home :)

Wishing for... ha.... well what do you think? I'd think it be obvious ;)


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