August Goal Recap

At the beginning of August I created a list of goals for the month. Now it's time to see what I accomplished!

not my pic... grabbed it from facebook. but that is my barry on the far right :)

Get ready for deployment
All this month my life has pretty much revolved around this upcoming deployment.
We were graciously given time off from both our jobs to go on a week long vacation together! 
We went to Daytona Beach and played in the waves and lost track of time together! 
It was pretty wonderful!
So far this month I've created a bill paying spreadsheet that I used to pay last month's and this month's bills already! I created a roommate agreement for the possibility of someone moving in over the next 10 months. 
I've cleared out a LOT of extra junk to make room for someone.
I've opened up to people a bit here and there about what I'm feeling about all of this. 
I've got so much prayer and support surrounding me I don't know what to think about it! Even complete strangers have introduced themselves and told me to call them if I need anything. Haha.
I'd say I've prepared just about as much as I can without having gone through this before.
The only thing I didn't do, was create a budget.... but I've never been able to stick to a budget before... I'm pretty good at not spending a lot of money though - so I'm not too concerned. I may get to that after seeing what kind of income we'll have versus the spending.

Get rid of extra furniture!!!
This is a goal that I've accomplished as much as I can.
I managed to fully get rid of our lamp. My sister is going to take our big chair off our hands. 
Everything else.... well I need someone with a truck who's willing to drive a bunch of it to Goodwill!

Mop my kitchen floor
This did happen... thank goodness! Not the day that I posted it would, but it did happen just a few days ago!

Make one art piece
I unfortunately did not get to this. The one I had in mind is actually a wedding present, so it'll be made in the next couple weeks - but I didn't find the time to do so this month. 
Oh well. You win some, you lose some!

Go without Internet on vacation
Well this is a HUGE bust.
But let me explain!
Hurricane Isaac created a lot of rain and thus downtime in the room.... and yes yes, we could've just spent time talking in the room..... but browsing certain sites and keeping up with the facebooks and editing and posting pictures and just relaxing for us.... and it was vacation!
But there were plenty of times where I put the laptop away and forgot about my phone. 
The time together just to two of us was so sweet! 
A little internet a day, didn't take away from that at all :) 
So I don't think this was as harsh of a fail as some might say!

Get more sleep
I'm happy to say, I've gotten so much better at this! Whether it be that I go to bed earlier or sleep in a few minutes later to ensure I get enough sleep... I've been doing it! The past few night I haven't been able to fall asleep until almost 1am every night.... but I think it's something else keeping my mind awake.

 Workout at least 3 times a week
Well this did not happen.... at least not three times a week.
I did work out as much as I could - I did it a couple times on vacation, I've worked out for an hour twice this week and then a couple other times this month as well! So not as much as I wanted... but at least I'm keeping my body moving! I just made plans to run a 3 mile race with my friend Maggie over Thanksgiving weekend, so now I have to start training for that! Which is going to be great motivation!

So not everything got accomplished this month... but oh well. What can you do?
Take a lesson from the smartest man I know and not beat myself up over it... that's what.
I'll grab some of it next month and add some more stuff to keep me motivated!
Thanks to my sweet friend Kelli over at She Learns As She Goes for starting the monthly goal posts!


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