August Goals

One of my dear friends Kelli has been blogging her monthly goals for a while now and has made it into a link party this month! I've got a big goal list for the whole year, but I also constantly write down lists of things to accomplish each day, week, month, etc. What can I say.... I'm a planner! So I thought I'd join in on the fun this month :)
So without further ado, August's Goals:

Get ready for deployment
My hubs is shipping out next month and we are continually preparing for it. We've only got a month left!
Barry is such a chill laid back person that he's just figuring things out as it comes.
But I'm more of the person who has to have a plan [this post alone proves that!].
I need to make a spreadsheet for bill paying; create my own budget; get my house ready for a roommate [yep, pretty sure it's going to happen!]; and last but not least, get my head together so that I can deal with this mentally. I've been keeping myself from thinking about it for months now and not thinking about the crap load of aftermath emotions once he's gone. That's gonna blow up in my face here soon, so I gotta be in prayer more over this... I know God goes before me, but I'm going to need my prayer life to be strong to get through these nine months without going crazy or getting bitter!

Get rid of extra furniture!!!
I have lots of furniture pieces around the house and stored in the shed that are not getting used and are taking up space and gaining cobwebs. I don't have any reason to keep it, so it's time to get it out of my house. Someone else can get use out of it. I have a floor lamp, a  papasan chair, the middle piece of a three piece couch that's broken, a bookcase, a huge desk, a massive weight bench [more like a bowflex], some storage drawers. Gosh... so much stuff... it needs to go. 
If any of my friends need something from that list, let me know! I want it gone! 
[It'll also help me make room for a roommate!] 

Go without Internet on vacation
We're hopefully [if the army schedule allows] taking a vacation near the end of the month before he ships out. I really want and need some quality time with my sweetheart before he's gone for 9 long months. I'm really going to miss my man, my best friend... my love. I need some time with him and I want to spend it
WITH HIM... not on the computer or my phone the whole time.

Mop my kitchen floor
This has needed doing since our first big bash this spring! We had about 30 people over at the beginning of the summer and dirty foot tracks were brought in. It's needed mopped since then and I still haven't done it. What's sad is we've had a couple other big parties since then and have more dirty tracks and spots. 
GAH. I might just do that today!  

Make one art piece
I have a couple canvas' I haven't painted yet and I want to get to it! 
I have some really cool ideas [thanks to the time consuming Pinterest]!

Get more sleep
This really needs to happen for the sake of my health and well being. 
I have to have enough sleep for me to feel well during the day, I'm not the person who can stay up late and party and then get a couple hours of sleep before starting an early day or long day of work and life. Gotta discipline myself to get at LEAST 8 hours from now on. 

Workout at least 3 times a week
I really need to get back to this. I was doing really well, getting in workouts 3 or 4 times a week and was starting to see muscle tone and feel better. Then I got sick and just never got back to it! 
I'd really like to start running. It's not something I've really ever done, but I ran with Barry a couple times this summer and even though i threw up once, I actually kind of liked the miserableness of the hard work. I felt good about myself when it was over with and really want to see what I can do with it. 
One of my best friends has always wanted to run a race together.... so that's my goal!

I'll be back at the end of the month to tell ya how I did and  what I accomplished!


  1. I might be interesting in that desk! It will kind of depend on how big it is.. I'll have to get a look next time I'm over. I could also use the floor lamp too if no one else wants it ;)

    Thanks for participating in my link party! Seriously, I love that you're linking up :):):)

    1. Oh ya! You'll have to look at it when you come over to this side of town on Monday :) and by golly, yes! you can have the lamp too if you like it!
      Oh of course ;) Had fun creating my list!

  2. I like your goals! You'll totally be in my prayers with the hubby gone... Putting the workout goal as one of mine last week helped remind me to actually work out too :)

    1. Thanks so much Calista! Prayers are always coveted... especially right now!
      And ya... I'm really hoping knowing that I'll be writing a post later this month will get my butt to working! :)


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