The top 5 spots to make sure you dust!

Sorry for my couple week absence folks! 
I got really busy and my blogging sort of fell to the wayside. 
But we're back with a new cleaning post!

Today we're going to talk about dusting! ["oh yay!" you must be thinking.]
Dusting is important, not only to keep surfaces looking nice and clean, but it also helps rid your house of unnecessary allergens [such as pet dander and hair] and well... unnecessary dust that creates unnecessary sneezing! It's best to do a quick dusting of the house at least once a week, sometimes twice if your house collects dust rather fast [check your air filter - it's likely the culprit and needs changing].

Swiffer dusters are my best friend when it comes to dusting! 
They pick it up and don't let it go and you can get into small spaces too!

Here's a list of places to look out for dust, 
in case you're new to noticing the dirtying frost!

[1] Blinds
All slit blinds - whether nicer wood ones or the cheaper plastic ones - need dusting! 
Swiffer's make it easy because they will push through the slits seamlessly without having to go blind by blind.
I personally dislike blinds simply for the fact that they gather dust like nobody's business! If you have blinds in your kitchen or a bathroom- they'll likely need a wipe down with some all purpose cleaner every once in a while. Hair, water stains, food, and the like will coat them if you don't [gross gross gross].

[2] Surface Areas
This one is pretty simple to do. You see and have easy access to most of the surface areas in you house. Things like the tops of dressers and picture frames, entertainment centers and desks. 
It just makes for a cleaner looking room if your furniture is coated with a layer of dust. 
Dark furniture needs it even more frequently because the dust shows up so much better.

[3] Corners of Walls
[no i don't have a picture for this one... i currently don't have any cobwebs to show as an example]
This is one people [including myself] really only think about when they see a massive cobweb or something else sitting in the corner. But really if you make a point to just glance at the corners of the wall that meet the ceiling as well as the corners that meet the floor, you can catch cobwebs before they become creepy looking!

[4] Windowsills
This is something, that while you're following the first tip about blinds, you can pull them up and give the windowsills a quick swipe. Not only do dust and cobwebs reside here, but usually a lot of dead bugs too. Which is just unsightly when you pull up the curtains or blinds to let some sunshine in!

[5] Fan Blades
This is a place that gets neglected very easily.... they are just up there spinning most of the time, you don't think of the fact that they collect a lot of dust and then spin it into the air! A quick swipe onve a week should do the job - otherwise they'll end up looking like this picture!

So there ya go! The top 5 places [that I can think of] to keep up with dusting! 
Can you think of any other places that are important to dust regularly?

For other tips on keeping your home squeaky clean click [here]!


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