Paint Guest Room! Goal Reached!

It's been a long time goal of mine to get all the rooms in our little house painted. Basically ever since I knew I'd be living here once Barry proposed. Over 3 years later I'm only one room short of having all painted walls and I'm already kind of wanting to re-paint a couple rooms. I'm hopeless!

In an effort to stick with getting all the rooms done before re-painting as well as completing another of my 2012 Goals, I decided to paint the guest room this past week!

Here are the before pics:

So not entirely before pics, [I had already picked all the random crap up and moved the dressers away from the wall] but you get the general idea.

Eh, not too bad. It never felt super welcoming to me though. I like having a welcoming home and especially for the guest room to be so. It's just important to me. If I have someone who needs a room for whatever reason, I want it to not only be clean and available but also as welcoming and happy a place as possible.
So a pale but bright yellow was my color of choice for the walls.

After pics:

I moved the furniture around as well, it makes it a whole lot more open. I like it! What do you think?
I'm going to add grey accents to tone it down a bit and hopefully get the blue down to one shade eventually... whenever I can justify it spending money on redecorating. haha.
Either way, I like it better this way... no scuff marks, pretty color, gives it a whole new feel! It might just become my reading room!

woop woop!


  1. Makes me wanna come stay over for a night. :-)

  2. I like that color! What room is left? Call me & I'll help you paint it!


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