Oh Baking Soda, You Clever Thing!

So I've been racking my brain for this week's cleaning post until it hit me that there is a magical little box of powder in almost every kitchen that can be used for cleaning.
I quite literally use it EVERYday. Sometimes more than once. I would be cute and ask if you can guess what it may be, but I like to think of my readers as intelligent people and would guess that you've seen the title of this post by now.


You want to know how you can put this "Wonder Powder" to work for you everyday, without having to lift a finger? cut open the box and stick it in the back of your refrigerator! I honestly don't know why you wouldn't invest 98 cents to have a clean smelling fridge.
A smelly refrigerator is one of the biggest turn offs to a person's kitchen. All you need to fix the problem [unless you're a food hoarder] is an open box of baking soda!
I clean places that are seemingly clean until you open their fridge and you are greeted by a smell so foul, you think someone threw up inside. I was beginning to wonder recently what rich people eat that make their refrigerators smell so bad until I realized I'm just used to what a fridge without odor smells like [ clean if you're wondering]. It has very little to do with what food items you have inside [again, unless you are someone that doesn't know when to part with week old leftovers].

Another great thing that I did with baking soda over the past couple weeks was to de-funkify all my bath towels. After a while of use and after some towels have stayed damp too long, too many times.... they just develop a musty smell. Washing will get rid of it for a minute, but the moment the towels get used again and are wet, the musty smell comes right back.
So instead of spending $50 on a new set of towels, I searched the interwebs for a DIY solution that wouldn't be easy to do myself. What I found was really easy and actually worked incredibly well!

Start a load of towels in hot water and mix in 1 cup of white vinegar. After the cycle finishes, throw in your detergent and a 1/2 cup of baking soda [still in hot water]. This simple solution has completely rid my towels of any musty odor! Super cheap and easy breezy! My towels smell so clean even after a few showers worth! I love it! I'm going to start doing this every few months!
You should try it out and let me know what you think :)

So there ya go! Two of many many things baking soda can do for you to keep things clean!

Do you have any cool tricks to do with baking soda?


  1. I like using it with a scrub to clean soap scum...you can also use it as a facial scrub and shampoo.

    1. Ya! I've actually tried it as a facial scrub and it did a good job! Never thought about shampooing my hair with it before though! Pretty cool stuff!


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