Kitchen Quickies

Kitchens are one of the most important places in the home to keep clean! They are where you cook your meals, eat your food [usually if a dining room is attached], where people naturally gather near and depending on where it's located in your home, a kitchen can be [who are we kidding, for a muncher like me it always is] a main traffic area. For these and all sorts of other reasons, it's very important to keep it clean and sanitary!

Here are some quick tips to keep up with it!

pic via apartment therapy
1) Wash dishes as you go - don't let them pile up. There is nothing quite as gross and uninviting as a sink full of dirty, smelly dishes. If you have a dishwasher- consider yourself lucky! Once it's filled - start it! Don't wait long enough for dishes to pile up in your sink when you have absolutely no excuse!

2) Wipe your counters off at least once a day (make sure you get underneath your toaster / toaster oven). It doesn't need to be a detailed scrubbing... Just a quick wipe down. This will keep things from needing a lot of scrubbing and will keep ants and fruit flies at bay.

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3) Once a week look in your fridge and see if there is any nasty sticky stuff on the shelves. If you quickly wipe it with a damp cloth once a week... You'll keep it from needing a deep clean! Which will save you loads of time... because the hassle of taking EVERYthing out when your fridge is full is a pain in the caboose!

pic via Gracie's Journey

4) Sweep up your mess once a day. I'm not talking a pick up rugs, move things around, make sure you get every crevice type sweeping (after all... these are quick tips). Simply sweep up the general mess. Kitchen's are one of the only rooms that gets not only foot trackings brought in... But a lot of crumbs falling from counter tops as well as general food mess from cooking.

5) Keep that stove top wiped off! Seriously if you do it just after you cook, you won't have to worry about messes that you will seemingly never be able to scrub off. Check the back splash / knob areas for grease and give them a quick wipe too!

What are some of your favorite quick tips to keep up with a room in your house?


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