Tips and Tales [from the cleaning lady]

So I've had writer's block for weeks...  and been super busy most of those weeks as well. I've had a lot of things I wanted to post about, but no way to clearly articulate it in the form of a blog post. So I started thinking and pondering and squeezing my brain for anything that I could write about until I had a pretty cool idea [well I think it is anyway!]!

So for those who don't know... i've been cleaning houses since I was fifteen. I was raised being taught how to clean, by my mom, for years before that. So I've been cleaning basically my whole life. It's something I'm really good at. Something I know a lot about. By the time I was 13, my mom knew that if we had surprise company - I could get the house picked up and looking more than decent in under 20 minutes. Because I've been doing it so long, I know a lot of tricks... I know how to get my bathroom, kitchen, and floors done in 15 minutes, if needed. I know which chemicals work and which are a waste of your money... there are even some that cause residue buildup and will eventually coat pipes and make things worse. I know concoctions you can make at home that work just as well as more expensive stuff at the store. I've got a ton of little things you can do throughout your day that will keep your house from getting in ruins by the end of a busy week.
So the idea of passing that info on only makes sense to me.

So I'm going to start a blog series [nothing to crazy... maybe once a week or every couple weeks]! A friend suggested a few weeks ago that I should start teaching classes for young wives on how to keep their homes clean... maybe someday I'll find a market for that, but for right now, i'd like to think i can help from my little corner of the web. I personally think keeping a clean and orderly home is important - at any and every stage of life. Full time workers, stay at home wives/mothers, retired, single, married, etc. A lot of people think it's going to take a lot of time and just put it off until it gets so gross that it DOES take a lot of time. But the truth is, if you do maybe 10-15 minutes of cleaning a day [not necessarily consecutive time]... it doesn't get THAT bad and you never have to have a mental breakdown over how much of a dirty mess your house is when you hear a knock on the door or have company coming over. I've got all sorts of tricks that will prevent that awfulness from happening!
TRUST ME... i kind of do this for a living. haha.

Ya, So what do you think? I'll even keep it entertaining by adding in some tales of the craziness i experience daily as a 'cleaning lady'. Is this as cool of an idea as I think? Do you have any tips you'd like me to start with?


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