Sparkling Showers

Today we're going to be talking about showers/tubs.
I was originally going to give you some quick kitchen tips, but today I cleaned 3 different bathing units... The first being so disgusting it made the decision to talk about keeping your tub clean, a little more pressing!

There's no one way to keep  your shower/tub clean... So I'm going to go over the two most common shower/tubs I clean and tell you how to keep them sparkling!

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Best thing to do for these is to keep a grout brush handy... Whether you prefer to keep it in the shower for daily use, or under your sink - YOU MUST HAVE ONE!  You can buy them for about a dollar fifty at Walmart. The grout will quickly become moldy and gross if you don't scrub it at least once (better yet a couple times) a week. Mold will also show up on the tile itself, in which case you can also scrub that off.
The best cleaners to use, I've found, are Stride Tile Cleaner which is an Eco friendly cleaner, doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it and leaves a light fresh scent. You can just keep a bottle with your grout brush and spray the shower down after you shower each day. If you spray that on once a day and scrub the grout when you see mold start popping up... You'll never have to spend an hour scrubbing those tiles again!

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You're probably going to think me crazy when I tell you what I use... But as my shower/ tub falls into this category... I promise I'm not lying!
The thing that gets the soap scum off these the best is actually soap! Dawn dish liquid to be exact though... none of the special lotion kinds - just plain dawn dish liquid! I kid you not! This makes scrubbing so much less work it's ridiculous! When I first got married and starting to deep clean our little home... I spent so much money on scrubbing bubbles, bleach type sprays, shower cleaners and NOTHING would clean my tub as clean as I wanted. Who knew the magic cleaner was under my sink the entire time! You can make up a water/ soap mixture in a bottle to spray it on... But personally I just squirt some around the tub, grab a sponge and scrub it down. It breaks down all the dirt so fast it's crazy! The coolest part is it actually keeps it clean for a while! In between scrubbings, I keep buildup at bay by spraying my shower down with a homemade product composed of 12 oz white vinegar and 12 oz dawn dish liquid every couple days. Yes the vinegar has a bit of a smell, but you can always take the time to rinse it off if you need the smell gone right away. If not... It works it's magic as it sits on the tub!

Hopefully these tips will help you keep the place you get cleaned up, good n' clean :)


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