Cleaning Review: Dryer Sheet Baseboard Dusting

You'd be surprised at how baseboards affect the look of your home. If they are dirty, it instantly makes your floors looks grungy. If they are clean, it makes your entire room appear brighter! 
So today I tried a tip that I had found interesting for cleaning baseboards. I can't remember where I heard it from - I swear it was Pinterest, but i couldn't find it on the board I would've posted it to... so maybe it was somewhere else.

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Either way - the dealio was to use Dryer Sheets to dust/clean your baseboards! The article stated that it would pick up the dust and dirt and the sheet would actually coat your baseboards with a substance that would repel future dust/dirt.

I went to work earlier this week, with the box of dryer sheets I had sitting around, and did all the visible baseboards in my house [they were all in need of a good scrubbing]. I have to say, they worked pretty well! The nicest thing was they picked up all the dust and didn't let go of it - which is awesome, considering when you use a rag, the dust will ball up and end up on your floor and then you have to add vacuuming to your docket. It worked better than febreeze dusters [which also lock in dust] because the rough texture of the dryer sheets actually scrubbed the baseboards!

The only negative thing [and it may very well be because I have my information wrong about what the article said] was that it didn't necessarily clean the baseboards - it got up the dust fantastically, but my baseboards could still use a deeper clean.

Other than that: A+

The fact that most dryer sheets are scented doesn't hurt either - gives the rooms you do a nice clean smell without being overwhelming like a room deodorizer does!
Any crazy rumor you heard works magic and want me to try out for ya, to tell you if it actually works?Let me know! I'll do it :)


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