Bathroom Quickies

Other than the kitchen area, the bathroom is one of the most important places to keep clean and also the quickest to get dirty [go figure]. If you let it go for more than just a couple days it gets pretty gross. Hair finds itself all over the sink/floor/toilet; toothpaste foam speckles your mirror; if you're a user of hairspray and lots of beauty products they will coat everything in the room eventually; toilets get dirty in obvious ways.
So rather than put it off for once a week or until you're expecting company, why not keep up with it? It would be way less gross to simply do upkeep than deal with a lot of nasty bathroom mess.

So here are a few of the simplest ways I've found to keep up with your bathroom just throughout the day [cause let's be honest... you'll be in there once or twice - so it's not a huge inconvenience to do a moments cleaning if you're already in there].

1) After showering in the morning [or whenever you clean yourself up] and your bathroom mirror is all foggy, wipe it off with your hand towel [don't use your bath towel... that would be gross]. It won't smear because of the humidity in the room and it will wipe off the water/soap/toothpaste speckles and you don't have to worry about doing a full on windex wipe down!

2) When washing your hands, splash a little water up around the sink/counters and do a quick wipe down with your hands [you're going to be washing them anyway]. Don't get it soaking or you'll have water stains. Just enough wet to wipe the hair/towel lint/hairspray residue/and dust off. It'll keep your counters and sink from getting sticky and nasty looking.

3) The outer edges around the bathtub basin collect towel lint and hair after just a couple showers - to keep that at bay - just wipe the edges off once every couple days. The inner edges get the lint/hair + soapy residue... so while you're showering just wipe it off and it won't ever build up to something you have to scrub down.

 4) The backs of toilets (right behind the lid) get nasty rather quickly... Do yourself a favor and wipe it off once a day to keep it looking like something you or a guest would feel comfortable sitting their rear near. Literally takes five seconds... just take a small wad of toilet paper and wipe it off. It takes so little time, you may as well lift the lid and wipe the toilet rim off as well.

ignore my toe.... i didn't feel like taking the picture over again :p

5) Don't let the trash overflow! The bathroom is a place to clean yourself up.... not to be afraid of what germs your feet are coming into contact with because you haven't emptied the trash in days.


  1. I'm putting these tips into practice TODAY. I really like the idea that they don't all have to be done at the same time. Thanks for the tips, Em!

    1. YAY! I'm so glad you find them helpful! I do these things almost everyday and I never feel like i'm actually cleaning :)


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