We went camping! Goal reached!

I completed one of my goals for this year! To go camping [overnight] [in a tent]!
When I posted some of my goals earlier this year, our friend Cali messaged me and said she'd be happy to help me reach this goal and so she and her husband did! So grateful for them! Having them as our camping buddies was a lot of fun! Nyk's brother and sister-in-law joined us part way through the weekend as well! It was a great time of hanging out, relaxing, watching the boys build a swing contraption, swinging on said contraption, reading, eating, frisbee golf, a trip to the ER when barry rolled his ankle, more eating, and lots of sitting by the campfire! it was a really great time! Something we hope to do again soon :)

Our humble shelter :)

our dwelling place

setting up the swinging contraption

barry flipping!

i did not try to flip... this was enough fun as it was ;)

my downfall all weekend!

the invalid... check out that ankle!

x-ray going down!

all is well... no broken bones!

zac flipping!

haha i love the expression on Cali's face :)

Melissa was a fellow non-flipper!

Nyk was flying ;)

goal accomplished! SUCCESS :)

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