My Happy Places Of Late

  I'm loving having a way to see snippets of other people's days... Especially my friends that I don't get to see regularly! I'm also loving that I don't have to carry around my huge camera all the time to document my day's happenings! It's just super fun! If you don't have it, you should get it!

Spending time with my husband!
Lately I have just been soaking it up...  And wanting there to be more time in the day to be with him!

I'm obsessed... Only one at a time mind you [except for that one time I had two . Hah]. Super DELISH!

Together is a wonderful place to be
I've been able to spend so much time with some of my closest friends and family over the past month as well as hang out and do fun stuff with new friends! It's been a blast! Between people coming to visit from good ol' Indiana, camping adventures, mexican and margaritas with jen, getting to know all the cool people at church... My heart is overflowing! I want to keep it going... Cause even though I'm a deeply rooted introvert - I love me some good friendships!

I have been under the "conviction" that there is just too much stuff in our house that doesn't get used and I'm tired of it cluttering up our already small space! I've been getting rid of clothes, old things from high school, nick-nacks that really aren't my style anymore, and everything else! I'm the extreme opposite of a pack-rat! I can't stand clutter or a house full of unnecessary things. I'm thinking of holding a little sale of some of the useful stuff on this here blog... So that it can get used and I can possibly make a little money to put towards an external flash set I have my eye on!

 Getting into the Word more
Man... I knew it would happen and I'm so thankful for it. Whenever I get back to the weekly commitment of meeting with other Christians, my heart starts waking up and craving more of God's word. I start making more of an effort to study and read and just think upon scripture! This has always been true in my life... I think that's one of the reasons church is so important to me... It does what it should... Convicts and encourages me in my walk with the Lord!

 Workout Tunes
Working out is something I enjoy after I've done it and typically during- if I have some good music going! I've finally found some great sweatin' tunes! The Cataracs are a current favorite - the perfect mix of upbeat and crazy - which makes it that much more fun to me!

Dresses and shoes
Ok... I'm not a huge tomboy... But I've always leaned a little more that way than any other way. I like my jeans and girly tops and sneakers or flip flops! It's the perfect mix in my mind. But lately all the cute dresses and shoes I see make me want to switch it up! I made it one of my goals this year to wear more dresses... Not only because they're cute and I like them... But also to add a little variety in my wardrobe! My sudden shoe obsession kind of came out of the blue! So I've been having fun with that! Now if I could only get as excited about leggings, we'd be in business!

So there ya have it.... that's what i've been loving lately and spending my time doing :)


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