De-Cluttered the Craft Room! Goal Reached!

So when Barry and I got married we turned the little office area that had previously been used as a roommate quarters and then junk room, into my little 'crafting-girly' space. It's been fairly cluttered and collecting more and more craft / diy supplies that i'll probably NEVER use or things that have aged to the point of trash. So Friday when i unexpectedly didn't have to work my second shift - I decided to spend that time usefully and bag everything up into 4 piles - Cottage Cove, Goodwill, to sell, and trash.
DUDE. I filled 2 trash bags full of TRASH... i couldn't believe it. The entire backseat of my car is FULL of bags and things to donate. Even found a few cool things for my eventual blog sale! I also rearranged all the furniture and boxes to create more space and to have easier access to drawers and the like. I think it looks fantastic and feel so accomplished! Reaching a goal just feels really good!

I completely forgot to take 'before pics' but i took some pics of the final result to show off :)

the entrance corner

desk and craft area!

seating/fold out bed area

books / music collection
major win!


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