Weekend With the Wade's

 Here's a few snippetts of our adventures with Jared and Mags :)

Jeni's Dark Chocolate, Black Coffee, and Salty Caramel Icecream! YUM

Jared donning the old school diver helmet that he and Barry found at the flea market!

oh how i miss Maggie! So good to see have her around all weekend!

Barry had to try it on too!

pretty purple glass.... as well as a metal dinosaur creepin' in the background!

how Barry felt about the rain storm... haha

pretty junk!

more pretty junk!

hiding under a tent hoping to wait the rain out [we eventually had to walk out in it]...

old school junk!

had to indulge in Jeni's icecream again!

Yep! Super fun weekend! It's been decided it'll have to become at least a once-a-year thing we do :) Blessed to have stayed so close to friends who live so far away!


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