a perfect day

So yesterday was the first of my regular Mondays off, that I didn't have company 
and I wasn't physically exhausted. It was positively wonderful!

ate my breakfast outside by this pretty scene!
I didn't sleep in- mostly because I was on call, but I think I'll try to make it a regular happening for Monday's - to get up no later than 8am. I got to be around while Barry got ready and kiss him as he was leaving for work... Which was kind of a great thing for me! I always kiss him goodbye, but he's usually still in bed and more times than not - asleep. So it's not the same.

New Shoes <3
After he left for the day- I had an entire day to do whatever I wanted, however I wanted. So I put a cute outfit on [cause i could!!] and headed to the grocery store. Let me tell you... I hate grocery shopping more times than not... Probably because it's taking away from the limited time I have off from work. But yesterday morning,  I didn't mind it at all. I didn't need to rush home to do laundry or make dinner or get ready for the next day's work. I had all the time in the world.

gonna look hottt ;p
I ran all my boring weekly errands and then decided to go shopping for some summer tops and dresses! Since i've lost a little weight, i thought it only fair to reward myself... Haha. It's truly one of the best incentives for me! I found a few cute tops at a secondhand store and a few really cute dresses on sale at Ross! :)
Once through with running around, I came home and made some homemade lentil soup [i'll have to share the recipe with y'all sometime soon!]. I cranked the music up as loud as it could go without bursting the speakers for a  super fun workout!

my sexy man <3 <3 <3
The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling, making brownies for later, enjoying the sunshine and reading until Barry got home. Then I got to enjoy some quality, un-rushed time with my husband. We got to sit and around and enjoy each other.. laughing and talking. Even though everything about the day had already been fantastic, spending time with my husband topped it all!

Skip Bo
We then spent the evening at Barry's parent's house playing cards with Mammy and Pappy and eating brownies and homemade rolls! Gosh... Barry and I both would be very fat if those homemade rolls were around often! Haha! It was a great end to a perfect day!

Having Monday's off is going to be a big blessing.... i can already tell :)


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