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Sorry guys.... I've kind of neglected my little corner of the internet for awhile. To be honest I've just been a little discouraged [but only a little, i promise] in certain endeavors lately... my blogs being included in those. So i've avoided getting on.

For my health update.... I've lost 10 pounds thus far [woop woop!].... not really sure where, but the scale shows me that it has indeed happened... so i think it's a little here and a little there, because nothing is seeming too much smaller. This whole accountability thing is super encouraging - i'm blessed for friends to keep me on track and do it with me! I had about a week that i was extremely weak and then realized after a talk with my mom that I wan't eating ANY protein whatsoever. I was far too focused on seeing i got enough fruits and vegetables that i entirely forgot to make sure i was getting the protein i need as a semi-vegetarian. Now I'm making sure to snack on nuts throughout the day and make sure that there is at least a little protein in each meal, and i'm feeling loads better! I was also getting a bit lax on getting enough greens... so i'm re-introducing smoothies back into my diet, and finding ways to make them more yummy.... seriously - if you have any tips, let me know! haha

In other news in life...

I got to do a photo shoot last week! It was a great time and helped me realize I have lots to learn [i already knew that, but it was definitely confirmed]... about posing people and checking my shots to make sure i have settings set correctly before continuing shooting [i way overexposed some shots and ruined a bunch of them]. I did manage to get some pretty fun shots in though - but i think most of it had to do with the beautiful Perry family that were my models :)

not completely edited yet... but i figure i'd give a teaser :)

Last week I was reminded of just how much I adore kids and the bonds I have with the ones who attend Cottage Cove! The jewelry class I teach allows for more than just teaching a skill, but for getting to know the precious children that are in my care. Talking with them and hearing them laugh bring more joy to my heart than most things in life. I could spend hours just being in their company and never get bored or tired of their seemingly childish cares.... because innocent conversation with them is oftentimes more meaningful than the gossipy, foolish conversation people my own age tend to have.

The good Lord taught me a great deal about patience last week.... horrible traffic going to and coming from work almost every day last week. It seems like a really silly thing to find a lesson from God in.... but I did none-the-less. I guess you'd have to understand the absolute rage that ensues in my heart when I'm trying to get somewhere and am stopped by something I can do nothing about. I talk aloud to the other idiots people driving around me in ways that people would never think of me as a Christian sometimes.... and last week God shut me up in various ways to where by Friday I gave up, turned the radio up loud and just laughed.

I've been mildly obsessed with The Hunger Games series lately and have been working on Mockingjay this week... kind of frustrating that i can't devote more time to it as this week has been one of my busiest in quite some time... so it's taking me longer to read through it than the first two in the series. I would much rather have an entire afternoon to sit at a coffee shop or in the park and just devour it up.

The other form of entertainment that has managed to not only hold my attention, but rather pull me in whole is the tv series Downton Abbey! I watched the entire first season today since I wasn't feeling well enough to do anything more productive. I'm almost grateful for the fact that I was feeling so poorly, as it gave me the opportunity to get so lost in the series. If you haven't watched it yet and you're anything of a Jane Austen or Anne of Green Gables fan - don't put it off! You'll love it - guaranteed!

 So ya... that's what I've been up to in recent days... what about you fellow bloggers and my avid readers? Anything exciting going down in life these days?


  1. Emily, I have to say I've been loving your blogs lately. I know how difficult it can be to get a post up every day, so I'm doubly impressed that you can do that AND keep up with this blog for the more in-depth stuff. You're doing great :) Can't wait to see more picture from the Perry photoshoot.. I can totally relate to forgetting to change the settings and stuff. Don't be discouraged by that - you're learning!

    As for the green smoothies... if you figure that one out, let ME know too, haha. I'm a pansy when it comes to those. I just put a little spinach or green powder in it (enough that I can barely even taste it) and call it a day.

    The kids are cute, as always. I know they love you. And yeah traffic was a bad joke this week because of the NCAA tournament going on at the Bridgestone Arena. Josh and I got stuck in it on one of our trips to the Farmers' Market.

    I'm sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday but I'm glad you were able to take a chill day to recover a little bit and enjoy Downton Abbey. Maybe by the time the 2nd season is available, I'll have caught up with you and Jen and we can make it a girls' night!

    Alright, this is the longest blog comment I've ever left, I think. A little embarrassing. I guess it's because I just miss you! Much love. <3

  2. Aw thanks Kelli! :) It means a lot to hear that! I wish i could keep up with this blog a little more, but it's just a busy season in my life. Thanks for all the encouragement!
    A girls night is a must and sounds wonderful right now!
    no no no.... this being the longest blog comment i've ever received has just made my day! i miss you too and love you lots!


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