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[my little pocket bible]

So I've been really convicted lately...
How often do we as Christians open our Bibles?

I know personally a lot of times I'll go to church, soak the message in, go home and place my bible on my nightstand... and there it will sit... until the following Sunday.
I have a little pocket bible that I keep in my car and will usually read on lunch breaks or what have you... But I never have the time to really dig into what I'm reading... So it's not quality time in the word.
I mean if the Bible is God's guidebook and love letter to us... I really need to make it more of a priority. It's really hypocritical for me to go around talking about how Christians should be living when I myself am not taking part in one of the most foundational parts of Christianity.

Why is reading the Bible so dang important? [i ask myself this question sometimes] Well besides the fact that God desires us to be filling our hearts and minds with it... It helps keep our thoughts on things above, keeps our attitudes in line with where they should be. It's packed with truths that no matter how many times we've read them, they can always teach us and grow is into more of a picture of what a Christ follower should look like. The Bible is the best way to get to know the God we love and serve...
It's *The Stuff*...

So I ask myself all the time how I find it so easy to not open it for days...
It's definitely a discipline you have to keep yourself doing.
Life finds ways to "excuse" it away... Things like work, social life, day to day processes.... All things that are good and for the most part completely necessary. But how much more vital is reading the word on a daily basis?
I think it's easier to excuse because there isn't an immediate consequence that comes from not doing it... I mean, if you don't go to work you get fired and don't have an income.... immediate impact.
Not spending time in the bible [and prayer too] is more like the affects on a friendship... If you don't make an effort to spend time with  a friend listening and talking with them, you lose closeness and eventually you're just polite acquaintances... I think it's basically the same with God.... even though not an immediate impact, it's a gradual one that will leave you wrecked in the end.
I often times get floored by the fact that I should have a closer relationship with Christ and be more in love with Him than I am my husband... In just the same way that going a day not talking to Barry  makes me feel empty inside - going a day not spending time with my savior should be even more unbearable. Man... what would that look like?

What do you peeps think about all of this? Should reading your bible come naturally? Is it something you feel needs to be a daily thing or is less time just as good? I'm curious to other people's thoughts on this...
It's an age old issue, but I'm sure just as many people struggle with it currently... i know i do.

[[ Thank the good Lord for grace ]]


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