Superwoman Woes

Sometimes i like to think of myself as a bit of a superwoman....
In a typical day I wake up at the crack of dawn and can get ready for work [complete with fixing a smoothie, washing dishes in sink, taking a shower, picking up living room a bit] in about 35 minutes before I head out the door for work.
Once at work I have a full day of cleaning every inch of sometimes 5000 sq ft homes - possibly wiping fresh baby poo off trash cans, scrubbing day old cat vomit off of floors, or being in a room that smells of vomit every time i'm there [all real life examples].
After 8 hours of all that draining excitement, my work day ends and my after-work life starts it's evening. In the few hours I have in the evenings, I have to do at least one load of work laundry each night, if not a couple of our own, I clean and keep up my house [let me tell you, i'm thankful i keep up with this - after what i have to deal with at work, cleaning my own home is a cinch!], scrounge up food [I'm extremely blessed I have a very chill, understanding husband who isn't the type to expect a home cooked dinner each night!], I seem to run to the grocery store at least twice a week, I have to manage to fit in a work out three or four times a week, there are time and service commitments that must be fulfilled elsewhere, finding peaceful 'me time', and fitting in some sort of social life with varying people. There is hardly room in there for fitting the little 'endeavors' I dream about working on and accomplishing.
Amongst all of that there are my highest priorities of spending quality time with my husband and the Lord each day!
...All in a matter of a few short hours between getting home from work and being in bed by 10/11pm.

Somehow... i manage... and it makes me feel like a Superhero most days!
But shoot... some days I want a break from it all. I don't want to feel the pressures of 'taking care of business'... of all the so-called 'adult responsibilities' that are required for one to be something in life. I just want to be the goofy, chill, not constantly worrying about things that need to get done girl I actually am under the Cape of required duties and responsibilities I have to put on so often....
I'm not complaining - I realize life isn't all fun and games. I don't mind being a Superwoman in my own little world... like I said, most of the time I enjoy it... just wish I had a few more hours each day to even it all out!


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