Livin' it up! [the good sort of TO DO list!]

In my first post of the year I said i was going to start living it up! I've since been working on a list of things I want to do at some point this year. I don't know if it'll be possible to cross them all of the list... but I want to try! Some of them I've done and just really want to experience them again and some i'd be doing for the first time...


* Go on a real life camping adventure.... like out in the woods with a tent and no toilet. haha. I know I seem a little too girly for anyone to take me seriously.... but it's something I've always wanted to do! I think it would be a fun weekend trip... we've got the tent and chairs.... we're half way set already!

* Cliff jumping! This is a summer tradition in my mind... it has to be done once a year for me to keep my adventurous card up to date! It scares the pee out of me every time, but i love it!

* Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Chicago is just a fun place to visit every once in a while anyway with the hustle and bustle of a big city and all. But this museum is the real deal! We got there late in the day when we went on our last trip and didn't get to take our time and enjoy everything.... i want to spend an entire day there! It's such a fun place!

* Kentucky Cave Exploring! I'm kind of scared... but I really want to see what all the hype is about going into a dark tunnel that can box you underground if a random shift in the earth decides to happen! haha.

* 4 Wheeling excursion! I've wanted to get on the back of one of those suckers and go as fast as i can since i was in middle school, but was never allowed [probably a good thing after my first experience behind a go-kart wheel]. I don't even mind getting muddy.... i would have a blast!

* Renovate the Landscaping in my yard. Gardening is my thing. I'm terrible at remembering to water things.... but give me shovels, bags of dirt and manure, flowers, shrubs, and I'll be set for hours with a smile on my face!

* Riverfront Walk Downtown. Something as a 2 year resident I should've already seen and walked down.... but it's never too late to do it, right?

* Michigan Dunes! I have great memories from climbing the Sleeping Bear Dunes.... I want to do it again and spend a day chilling on the lake :)

* Rappelling Trip! I've done it once and have wanted to go back ever since and for whatever reason it keeps not happening. The hike up is exhausting and the actual taking that first step over the cliff edge is the most terrifying experience I've ever had.... but it's worth it once you're suspended in midair!

* Community Involvement. It feels very weird that I don't know the kids in my own neighborhood. I drive over to the Vine Hill community and recognize almost every other person I see and in the actual gated community I have kids swarm my vehicle within moments of entering. I want to know the people in my own community too - parents and children alike. I want to be a person and have the home that people who need help know that they can come to and receive it.

* Gatlinburg! I love everything about this place besides the constant traffic jams. I want to get a cabin and spend time hiking in the woods that our engagement pictures were taken in! So many good memories!

So ya... I've got to get going and do some of these things soon! I'll probably add more to this list as the year goes on though! haha
If you'd like to hook a sister up and help make these possible, let me know! Heck, if you want to join in on a couple, that'd be cool too ;)

Do YA'LL have a 'to-do' list for the year?


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