"Here's to 78 more years!"

Two years ago, I became Mrs Emily MacDonald. That weekend sped by faster than any other in my life...

The night before our wedding, we were surrounded by hosts of friends and family at our rehearsal events. The whole thing felt sort of surreal... I think it was the first time it had really hit me that my life was about to change dramatically. I was about to leave the only home I ever knew... about to be without all the ones that made up my support system, my life.
The rehearsal went by seamlessly... I remember vividly my Pastor starting off with prayer and backing barry and i up... which created a sense of calm. I remember all the groomsmen and bridesmaids meeting [most for the first time]. I remember my dad and I practicing our walk and he cracking me up because he wanted to make sure he was 'doing it right'.
Dinner with all of the laughing and final conversations for a while with the ones i love most, came and went. Barry and I managed to sneak away for a little while for a bit of time to be together before all the hustle of the next day came. I left him and most of our wedding party at our dear friends the Wade's home and drove to the place I called home for that last night.
I can't remember everything that went through my head on that familiar 40 minute drive but i remember singing and praying and God just wiping every bit of anxiousness away. The only reason i didn't sleep a lot that night is because i was so excited for what was to come!

The sun woke me through the little slits in my floor length blinds that morning... instantly placing a smile on my face that wouldn't leave the rest of the day. I remember thinking i was getting ready to start a new adventure while i packed the rest of my belongings away in my car...

The morning hours flew by as my closest friends and I had our hair curled, pinned, waved, put up, let down and we did our faces up. I couldn't have wished for better company that morning - my mom was walking on cloud nine all morning, helping keep everything going.... every one of my bridesmaids and all those helping were as chill, helpful, calming, and excitable as my heart needed.
All of our formal pictures were taken before the ceremony and even though they seemed to take ages, it reminded me of just how many people we had standing by us that day and always.

Finally it was time...
We were all lined up and waiting to go... my dad was calming my nerves by being more nervous about walking than I was - a memory i will forever cherish. As soon as we started walking and I saw Barry waiting for me.... every bit of self consciousness disintegrated. All i could think about was how badly i wanted to get up there and feel his hand in mine. The smile on my face only grew bigger as the ceremony went on.... even when i saw the tears well up in barry's eyes and then felt them in mine while sharing our vows. I couldn't help but smile. Everything was right. It was perfect. I was my sweetheart's wife!

The reception was just as perfect as the ceremony.... completely chill. The food was delish - the dancing a blast! It flew by all too quickly!

But driving home with my HUSBAND at the end of the festivities - that was the best part of the whole day in my mind! We got 5 solid hours of being just us, together... driving home - to OUR home!

Two years later I can honestly and happily say that I'm more in love with him than ever. I'd rather hang out with him doing nothing, than do something with anyone else. No one makes me laugh the way he does nor makes me feel more at ease and safe. He's my everything.... truly don't know what I'd do without him.

In the words of my sweetheart - "Here's to 78 more years!"


  1. Reading this post, I feel honored to have been a part of your special day. I love you!! I thought about you and how your anniversary was coming up and how happy it makes me that you and Barry are together - Congrats on your anniversary, cheers to many more - and if I can, I have to recommend my favorite wine for your celebration (it's never too late, right?) Anyway, Ill send you the name of it soon ;)
    love you!

    1. I thought of you several times when i was writing this out because you were with me most of the day :) Oh and be sure to let me know about that wine! My current favorite is a sweet Roscato! love you too girl!


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