I love all things crafty! I love getting to make some beautiful out of something plain. I love the sense of accomplishment and creativity that comes with finishing a project. I love placing said project in the hands of someone i love or placing it in my own home. I love showing off such crafty projects as well! Tonight I finished up two projects and did another complete one. let me show them off :)

My in laws gave me this shelf a few months ago. The color of the wood stain didn't go with any room in my house... so I went to the good ol' Hobby Lobby and got a can of metallic spray paint to coat it with. I did this over a month ago. haha Tonight I went to Home Depot and got the proper hardware [sawtooth hangers... so proud that i figured that out on my own!] to nail in the back of the shelf so I could mount it on the wall. I rearranged my kitchen just a bit so that I could hang it against my pretty red wall. I LOVE IT! It also was the perfect size for the canvas that Brent and Angie got us for Christmas!

After that I hammered some more of those sawtooth hangers into the back of my necklace hanger [which I made from a 2x4, some pretty knobs, and a cool painting method about a month ago] and hung it in the perfect spot by my dresser! I adore it... and now my necklaces don't get tangled!

Lastly I went to work on the necklace I've been wanting to put together for a while now. I got the main piece and chain from Hobby Lobby. It came with a plastic piece in front [so you can fill it with trinkets] but i had to super glue it in... as well as the back piece which you'd think would already be attached, but i guess it's to give you something to do, other than attaching it to a chain. haha. I had been putting it off because i had no idea what to fill it with and then realized i have an entire jar full of pretty buttons i've collected since i was in high school... so i put a bunch of those and some beads in and vwalah! It's gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it! and I made it for less than $10... a steal compared to what the going rate on etsy is for similar pieces!

Yep! I had fun today! Crafting is one of my favorite things to do on a day off! I'd be happy doing it for a living!
What about all of you? What hobby do you wish you could make a living at?


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