a constant battle

Doesn't that look delicious? I tell you it was the best thing i've had to eat in quite some time! And to think i wouldn't have enjoyed such a yummy looking meal if i would've let my silly shy-ness get in the way.

Let me explain.... I am quite possibly the shyest person on the planet when left to myself. I'm the person that wants to use the self-checkouts at grocery stores not due to it being more convenient but that i don't want to make forced conversation with cashiers. I tend to avoid going into places if i can use a drive-thru [only have to deal with one person then]. If I'm by myself, i rarely go anywhere i haven't gone before.....
I'm just a BIT ridiculous, huh?

Those have always been my natural tendencies.  It's something I constantly have to fight against.... most of the time i don't think 'shy' is the right word - i feel like there's got to be a much stronger word that labels my 'condition'. I've gotten a lot better.... but i still almost talked myself into craving something other than greek food since I didn't want to brave a new restaurant on my own. Thankfully i won the argument against my deep-rooted introverted self and tried a new place today and i'm so happy i did. It's close-by, clean, full of happy, friendly staff and was DELISH!

emily - 1 / weird shy condition - 0

1 comment:

  1. Haha!
    Umm ... I have to say that meal doesn't look good. haha! Would King Barry agree with me? ;)
    Haha! But I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And good job stepping out of the introvert bubble. I'm still working on that in my life too.
    Love you and miss you!


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