2012.... let's get started!

I'm so ready for 2012! I'm not one to make resolutions [i think they're a wee bit silly {sue me} to be honest] but there are some things I'm really looking forward to and get really excited when I think about them!

Barry and I will be married 2 years next month - TWO YEARS! [HOLY COW!!!] As cliche as it is, those two years flew by so fast, it's mind blowing.... and this year we'll be living out our THIRD year of being husband+wife! It's been a blast so far... a bunch of giggling and goofing off and even the difficult things hold good memories in my mind, because we worked through them, matured a little bit, and have a better relationship because of it. I'm excited to see what this year holds in store for us! Last year had a lot of changes and i'm sure this year will have just as many!

This year I'm praying for opportunities to better my photography skills and for the guts to act on them. Because even though I know everyone with a fancy camera has a FB fan page.... i refuse to give up on it just because i don't want to look like 'one of those people' [i'm not going to join those people though... just fyi]. I've already got some cool opportunities in the works for spring - in the meantime i'm just gonna keep trying to learn what i can!

Even though this isn't a concrete thing to look forward to, because who knows if they'll happen.... I'm praying that God leads us to the right church fellowship He wants us at. It's a very difficult thing for me to have gone so long without a church family. I had had the same church family for 9 years and another one during the same duration for 3 years [one of the strange perks of having divorced parents i guess] supporting me, giving me a place to serve, teaching me, loving me - before moving to TN.... and to have gone almost two years without having found that support system. OHMAH.... it's rough on this young soul. Nashville churches/christians swing from such random extremes it's nauseating.... there is nothing attractive about the Bible Belt, I tell ya... but i still believe that somewhere in the mess of it all, there is a place barry and i are supposed to be... so we're gonna keep searching and praying for God to show us where that is! And that's something I'm excited about : )

There are a lot more things I'm excited for in 2012.... one of the few friends I've had since i was a kid just moved to Nashville for the year.... possibly having time to sunbathe this summer... my hair finally growing out the terrible cut from over a year ago... another friend i've known since freshman year of high school is hoping to move down here in the fall...  learning new things about life... and one of my closest friends of [ohmysoul] going on 11 years has her first baby! 'Also... i think i'm finally ready to put down roots - I've fought it for awhile because i have {probably always will} a perpetual case of wanderlust.... but this is where God has me for most likely the next 6 years at least.... so I'm gonna start living it up! I can't wait :)

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Em! You just keep growing and pushing through the difficult things and embracing the joys. You are incredible!
    I know you don't need MY pride ... seeing as YOU are MY role model ... but ya know. ;) I'm still proud. :D

    Okay ... now, after months of not reading your blog (sorry ...), I am finally caught up again. :)
    Love you! :)


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