joyful giving

I love Christmastime! Putting up the tree, decorating, wrapping presents, drinking holiday specials from starbucks, the loads of yummy food that is constantly around, the fact that [even nashville] drivers become a little less annoying, parties, and everything else [besides icy roads] that goes along with Christmas... i just love it! I'm getting more excited and having even more fun this year because God has blessed us with a little extra money... so i'm able to go get fun things for our families and close friends! Barry and I have been having lots of fun deciding what to get everybody and i've enjoyed going out and picking it all up! Can't wait for the looks on the faces of people opening their gifts! :)
Oh! I finally figured out a couple things to get for my [very] un-materialistic hubs - which thrills me, because he is consistently the hardest person to shop for EVERY time! I think it's because he's such an amazing gift giver - that it's almost intimidating every time it's time to exchange gifts with him... but i think i've got some winners this year! Pretty excited! :)

Can you tell that being able to give cool things to the people i love is one of my favorite parts of Christmas? haha.... it is! I absolutely love it!
What is your favorite thing about the holidays?


  1. ... Christmas music (especially my new Michael Buble' Christmas cd) - hey, didn't I get that with YOU? :) ... seeing the lights at The Porch ... the weather getting colder (but not too cold - usually, anyway) ... seeing some extended family ... money from mom and dad ... scarfs, hats, and gloves ... the holiday spirit in the air ... yep, that's what I love about the holidays :)


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