Christmas with Dignity

You can give Christmas Joy to a needy child this year.....

This is Jeremiah.. or Jay as everyone calls him.
He is the youngest of four kids. They are their mama's whole world.

Raven is the little girl on the left. She loves to talk and talk to whoever will be her friend.
Taurus, the little boy, is her cousin... he will hug and hold on to you until you let go.
Both of their mama's love them to bits and work hard to provide for them.

 Keniia [in the back] and Arianna [in the purple] live a few blocks from each other.
they both have some of the most loving parents you'll ever meet.

All of these kids go to Cottage Cove...
A free out-of-school, faith-based program that provides a safe, loving environment for kids 
of all ages in and around the Vine Hill community in southern Nashville, TN.
Cottage Cove provides daily homework help, one-on-one tutoring, 
extra-curricular classes ranging from music, to sports and daily fun activities such as coloring books, legos games in the back field and playing on the playground.
Cottage Cove is a non-profit organization, therefore solely relies on donations 
[as well as volunteers] to keep program running all year round.

Cottage Cove has a special program every year for Christmas, called 
"Christmas With Dignity"
This program allows not only the parents of the kids involved in CC's daily program
but parent's of children around the community to come to CC and buy toys, coats, bikes, and more for their children at an EXTREMELY low price. This way they don't feel like they are 
receiving hand outs, but they are getting what their kids want at prices they can afford.
All of the toys/coats/bikes/other items are donated or money is sent in 
for the CC staff to go and bargain hunt for toys.

This year CC is hoping/praying/planning to provide for 231 children.
This is the only way a lot of these kids will see Christmas presents this year.
2 days ago they only had enough coats to provide for 75 kids
and only enough toys to provide for 40 kids
Today they have enough toys and coats to provide for 163 children
Within the next 2 days they need to come up with coats and toys for 68 more children.

68 more kids

So here's what I'm asking.... if you can make a donation of ANYthing 
to help make this possible for these sweet kids.
I wouldn't go on and on so much if i truly didn't think this was important - but i've worked with these families and kids and know that Cottage Cove helps bring so much JOY and LOVE into their lives. 
Christmas with Dignity is one of the extra special ways CC does that.

You can make a tax-deductible donation through paypal with this link below:
If that link is down, use the following:

Sorry for blabbering on so much... but CC's website has been down off and on recently and i didn't want to just give you a link to explain if that link may or may not go somewhere, ya know? 
So ya.... just click on the donate link and give a little Christmas Joy to some precious kids!

Thank you so much!

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  1. The kids are so beautiful! Seriously, yo! Kids are incredibly gorgeous human beings, aren't they? And when you get to work with them and love on 'em day after day, you see their beauty all the more! :)


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