a thankful heart is a happy heart

This picture encompasses so much of what i miss about indy... the pretty flat fields, big tall reeds, gorgeous blue sky.... and the tractor is a perfect touch! what i love is that i could find this pretty picture, smack dab in the middle of the city.... it gives indiana a warm touch.... at least that's the way i see it :)

What this picture doesn't have in it are all the people i love....
I got to see quite a few of them this past week over the holiday! It was such a blessing... it patched up a hole that had been getting bigger and aching more in the recent months. I got to spend quality time with my family, go to familiar haunts with friends, had a lunch/photo date with my husband, and got to spend one-on-one time with two of my favorite people to share my heart with!

Going back home [my former home, rather] always causes a whirlwind of emotions to rise up within me. The heart numbing ache for the places and loved ones that hold so much of me, dies down... all the while growing a little bit at the same time - knowing i only ever have a few days to be back in their company.
It's been hard... especially recently. I don't really know why... but it has been.

This trip up though was like a breath of life!
I've been praying day after day for the homesick ache for indy to dissolve and for a stronger attachment to the place in which i live now to grow. It's not something you can force to happen. So i've just kept waiting... probably not as patiently or graciously as i could've... but waiting for it, just the same.
Although not completely dissolved or attached yet..... I can feel the process slowly beginning. It's an incredible feeling... like a burden lifting almost. I have the grace of God and the prayers of many to thank for that i think.... even the prayers that were asking God 'please, give emily peace so we don't have to listen to her down in the dumpness anymore!!!' [i'll take what i can get in times of need. haha]

I have renewed energy for taking part in life down here.... even though i'll have to work through the parts about nashville i can't stand... i know it will be worth it! I already have a handful of amazing friends down here and i've got one of the most wonderful men to call my husband that loves me through it all! : )

All of this to say that I'm a happy camper today... excited for the future!


  1. i love you emmy! praying for you and that He will give you peace and happiness being in nashville. man i hope its in His plan for me to join you down there someday soon! :) ~rachie-bun

  2. thanks so much rachie <3 i hope the Lord moves you down here too! i would adore that!

  3. <3 <3 <3 :) :)
    love you sweetie!
    glad to hear that you feel the oil of peace beginning to soften the ache...

  4. So glad to hear about your "upness." I love those days.
    Love you tons, Em! :)


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