peeking out

Ok. I really want to blog... but my heart doesn't feel like opening up and being vulnerable to the web... 
[caring friends, intrigued strangers and the couple random stalkers you are]
my heart has just been super emotional and fragile for the past couple weeks 
and it doesn't feel like being cracked open for all to see tonight...

I'm watching myself crawl back into the deeply introverted hole I worked at popping my head out of 
a few years ago - part of which is wretchedly frustrating, but the other part is oddly comforting. 
So I'm just gonna stick here until I feel God prompting me back out again... which i'm sure will be soon.

Until then.... Here are bits of my life in pictures:

*Getting up early has it's perks I've found.... 
walking out the door to this beauty in the morning helps ease the pain of driving in nashville rush hour!*

*One of two tattoos I'm wanting after a couple more months of army pay.... 
i've just got to get barry in on it. haha*

*my weekend project: PAINTING OUR BEDROOM!!!!! 
I was so excited to get rid of the drabbiness of mismatched coloring / bachelor scuff marked walls! 
You can't tell real well in the picture, but it's a light shade of grey... i love it! 
it gives it a clean, soothing look when you walk in! I have a couple shelves to paint this coming weekend 
to add a little life to the bare walls... and i'm also going to get some artsy stuff up there too! 
I'll be sure to post pics of that too! *

* words necessary.................*

*I've been going over old pictures during the time barry and i were first dating and found this one...
I can't believe i don't have this framed somewhere... i love it. It was our first Valentine's together - 
the whole 3 hours of it we had, before he had to take off to go prepare for his overseas trip. 
This was a little over a month before he popped the question.... I was so head over heels for him....*
[still am head-over-heels...]


  1. your room looks great!
    next week sweetie... <3
    love you,

  2. I really like this post.
    It warms my heart. :)


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