oh so happy

I love my husband!
Barry and I went to Shuckles Corn Maze this past weekend! It was such a good time! They had all sorts of cute activities surrounding the entrance of the maze... we rode see-saws and barry shot a tricky slingshot and it was a lot of fun... we decided that if we still live around here when we start having kids - that it will have to be a tradition to take them there :) We also had a date the night before where we ate YUMMY Genghis Grill and went to see Footloose! It was such a fun 'DATE WEEKEND'! 
With the two of us not working together anymore.... we are missing out on seeing much of each other. We get to maybe see each other for a few minutes in the morning and then a few short hours in the evening because I head to bed rather early on weeknights.... so last weekend was much needed! 
Also...  we instated a standing one-night-a-week that i stay up late and we have husband/wife time; after we had so much fun together the other night when barry talked me into a late night run to steak and shake and we spent some quality time talking and being together :) 

So happy to have the man i have by my side for life!


  1. love the picture and love that God blessed you with a wonderful husband and friend to share your life with....and your blessings bless me... <3

  2. :) This is definitely a happy post. Yay!


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