oh sweet vacation

So i promised a post tonight to many [good morning sweet kelli!].... but my siblings are begging me to finish watching x-men with them.... so I've got to make this quick.... here are a few shots of our week so far:

Diggin' Holes

my view from where i was laying in the sun :)

oh you know... just my smokin' hot husband and handsome brother coming up the beach :)

a hot shot of me stuffing my face..... eating some of the yummiest greek food i've had in a long time!

Tonight my crazy family/husband all decided to go on the SLINGSHOT... For those of you who don't know what a slingshot ride is.... this here link will give you a pretty good idea.... it's insane... i got some good laughs listening to my sister scream and my husband laughing hysterically!

My dad said it was one of the most terrifying things he's ever done [he went TWICE, brave soul] and told me that I was the only sane one in the group of us. haha.
So there ya go! .... don't have time to go into how full and thankful my heart is right now... but know that I am a VERY BLESSED girl! 

...be back soon :)


  1. To be clear her dad's full quote was... "Emily... you either don't know what you're missing, or you're the only sane one in the group!" :-P


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