a magical wedding

We went to a wedding this past weekend... it was fun! I spent the whole day reminiscing about our own wedding and the days leading up to it [as i usually do when i go to weddings]. The wedding/reception was beeeeaUtiful and the happy couple were mesmerizingly stunning. I'm so happy and excited for them!
The beautiful couple - David & Bethany Hale

I love this picture of my sweetheart and me : ) I think we're a pretty cute couple, if i do say so myself! It was fun getting 'dressed up' in our own casual/dressy, barry/emily way! haha

It was a good way to spend a part of our long weekend...
We spent Sunday in Alabama with our sweet Perry family and Jen and I thrifted most of Monday.

OH! I've been meaning to do it for quite some time.... but if you haven't already, you should go out my sweetheart's blog! It's a really good read and a lot more consistent than me [he seriously blogs EVERYday]! Our good friend Josh is contributing each day as well.... it's pretty cool. I'm actually fighting not being jealous because his stats are so much greater than mine and here i am directing you ther... pshh. I guess i'm excited for him or something... haha

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I need to check out King Barry's blog! But don't worry, I won't comment on every one of his posts like I do for you. ;)


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