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Whew. it's been a crazy couple of weeks.... vacationing in Florida, i turned 22, started a new job, love said job, had my bosom friend in town for a couple of fun days and am preparing for a weekend with my mom and sister now.

Vacation was wonderful.... it was such a nice time of relaxing [something i don't do often - ask my friends] and being spoiled by my generous dad. I did about the first half of the long drive home while barry slept.... it was a good time of talking with God and letting him settle some of my nerves about starting a new job. I also had forgotten how much i love driving through pretty scenery at high speeds with music blaring.... ahh. i loved it!
beautiful Florida sky
Once home I was showered with birthday love in all forms possible - cards, gifts, hugs, and facebook posts galore! My sweet Taylor friends threw me a party with yummy food on my birthday - Jen and Chelsea came too! It was a lot of fun! 

an assortment of my lovely birthday gifts!
our first picture together.... i think we make pretty beautiful friends!
My work week started on my birthday as well and it was a great first day and first week at the new job! 4 out of 5 days i got off early and well.... i just really like my job! They were so impressed that i was able to start on my own a day early and then got to fill in at a VIP home today [crazy stressful job... but encouraging that i was trusted to do so]. 
I've got into this funny 'adult-like' routine in the morning... up early, make coffee, shower, fill coffee cups [one for breakfast - one for the car ride], get dressed, check email while eating breakfast, pack up, head out. It cracks me up everyday. I feel so grown up and like a poser at the same time.

My early morning pick-me-up

Mical came for a visit this weekend... it was so good. I've been so lonesome for my mical. It was refreshing to be able to share our hopes, struggles, discouragements, laughs, dorkiness, and dramatic antics together again. Geez I don't realize how much i miss that woman until she is around again.... and before she comes around i already miss her A LOT. So as you can imagine... it was hard to see her leave this morning... :( 
Hoping to see her again soon! 

We're pretty intense friends
as well as super cute friends.... man i love her!

Well I'll let ya'll get back to your life... but now you know about mine of late... and that's kind of fun, right? 

4 THINGS to leave you with:
I'm excited to see my momma this weekend... it's been a while!
Please be praying for my friends, the Perry's... baby Justice needs healing prayed over him.... join the Facebook group!
I get the morning off tomorrow!! Woop!
My friend Chelsea is finally going to start blogging - go support her by following Chelsea J


  1. Thanks for the update sweetie!!! I miss you sooo much! I can hardly wait to see you!! xxxooo mom

  2. "As well as super cute friends - man, I love her!" ... this made me both smile really big and laugh out loud.

    I love you ... and miss you terribly!


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