It's been a wonderful week. I wish i could get paid NOT to work.... to go see family and friends, travel, read books [they keep piling up], take pictures [lots and lots of pictures], watch pretty sunsets, journal, drink yummy tea... man. that'd be the life. yet coming up in about 40 hours i have to go back to work. blah.
I'm looking forward to seeing my kids get big smiles on their faces and run up for hugs when they first walk in the gym at school; and my heart getting all fluttery because i have to teach my first Bible study of the season; and me getting lots of winks from Patrick, hand holding from Keniia, kisses from Arianna, and hugs upon hugs from most of the seventy other munchkins who be around all semester.
But def bummed that all of that only happens for less than 2 hours out of my 8.5 hour day.

August - October is always the hardest time for me to not be antsy. All i want to do is be outdoors and away from windowless desks [and all the above listed activities]. It must've been my little work office in a basement paired with a high school workload that instilled that in me. haha.

[wow i'm rambling now]

Here are some pictures from our vacation:

We got to spend an entire day out on the boat, soaking up some sun with my crazy, loving [and spoiling] family [with the exception of my brother who had to work]. It was a wonderfully relaxing day and then my brother treated us to The Rise of the Planet of the Apes after he got off work.... 'twas a lot of fun!

We also got to spend a day with at the Wade's house visiting with Maggie and Jared, Mical, and Hannah and this little love muffin. I can't believe how big Oliver has gotten... he was so funny, wanting to drink from my water bottle and tossing beach towels around and he really liked playing with Barry.

storm clouds a brewin'!
Barry captured this awesome shot!
Indy was great! I miss being so close to my family and friends! It's always bittersweet leaving, being close to people in both places.....speaking of which:

Josh & Barry in front of the beastly slides they went down several times.

Our Friends :)
Yesterday we got to have some quali-tee time with our Taylor's :) We went to Wave Country [the first time for all of us but Barry],  got some good sunnin' and swimming in and then we were all so hungry and Gabby's being one of our fav joints... we all washed up and got some yummy food in our tummies :) Good times!

Barry and i spent today chilling just us in our living room - watching tv and playing video games [you can figure out which one of us was doing what] and just relaxing. It's been nice...not doing anything.... neither one of us are even out of our pj's yet. haha.
so i'm going to hop back to it...this post has taken long enough to write anyway.

Stay tuned though.... later tonight or somehow tomorrow i'm gonna show ya what i've been working on!


  1. But you're excited about it ... you just told me that today. Glad for it, love! :D

  2. Ha! Somehow I only saw the first paragraph of this post at first.

    My first comment was related to the first paragraph. You're excited about work again ... or at least ... your heart is feeling better about things today. :) So glad for that!

    And now a comment for the rest of your post ...
    What fun you had in IN! We miss having you here.


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