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We are a blessed people, ya know....
Go listen to this song - "What Love Really Means"....
I went out for some ice cream tonight and scrolled to this song in my ipod on the way home.... i've heard it several times recently but i don't know what happened tonight - maybe the fact that i was alone in the car and it was dark outside, so no one could glance over at me and see the state i found myself in.... but regardless - tears started streaming down my face uncontrollably. I couldn't stop. all the way home..... i had to sit in my driveway for a minute to calm down so that i didn't give barry a scare when i walked in.

We take for granted, the daily grace and love Christ bestows upon us as believers. I mean, if we truly believe that Christ saved us from a sinful life bound for a terrible place.... why do we act as if His love means nothing? He loved us before we even recognized who He was.... deep down in our pride and selfishness or in other terrible, seemingly unforgivable things. He loved us when maybe no one else did... he found us stunningly beautiful in our human state. He loves the unlovable - the murderers, the druggies, even the people who hurt innocent children and women. [believe me, i don't think i'll ever wrap my mind around this one]
Do we actually comprehend that?

I mean if we really did..... if we actually comprehended what Christ has done for us in this mighty love and grace He gives us EVERYday.... would we act differently? You may disagree, but I think we would. I think we would live each day looking for opportunities to praise Him for what He has done for us. I think we would MAKE quality time for Him instead of giving the Savior our day's leftover time. I think we would think more about how we act and how that reflects on our GOD - OUR GOD.... i mean, if we are His ambassadors - how are we making Him look? Most people who claim Jesus as their God, are very poor reflections of how He would want us to live and act toward people.... not that we're intended to be perfect representations - that's obviously impossible. But is it too much to put a little effort into how we're representing what we claim to believe?

Do i sound church-y
[i sure golly hope not.]
It honestly makes me cringe when i meet church-y talking people.
It's like... who are you kidding? seriously
[just stop talking.]

I'm just really convicted on this issue lately..... i've experienced many 'radical' believers in my lifetime of growing up in varying churches and i'm sick of this modern day christianity, that encompasses the people of this world at this time, that has all different flavors [or temperatures would be a more accurate biblical parallel i guess]. Some people just want the 'claim' to a God and some just want to shove it down your throat that you're going to hell if you don't turn from your 'wicked ways'. The first group are obviously just focusing on their image in this hipster generation and the second group [quite frankly] aren't going to attract anyone to the God who created them.
You know why?
Neither group is showing this crazy world a picture of what love is.
We are not called to live for ourselves [our material, earthly happiness is NOT the biggest priority]. We are not called to judge people.

We are called to LOVE - 
[selfless, unconditional, forgiving, LOVE] 
.... the kind God gives us EVERYday.

I don't claim expertise on this 'being a Christian' business.... i'm completely fault filled...... but i DO know that over and over again God makes it clear that our number one priority is to bring glory to Him BY LOVING PEOPLE, in the way that CHRIST LOVED US.... so i guess i just needed to share it tonight. It's heavily resting on me lately. If you disagree, are angered by something said, are boggled, or would do the honor of informing me i sounded church-y [please, for the love of all that's good, TELL ME].... comment. seriously.... i'll be happy to talk.


  1. This is so good, Emily! I promise you don't sound churchy :) Thanks for the reminder. And for the honesty.

  2. Also, I'm hearing this song for the first time. It's really good. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. thanks love... i'm really glad i don't sound churchy... haha.
    also - isn't that song SO good? i love it!

  4. Great post. No. Not churchy. Just real. :) The way it should be. I need to be convinced of this daily! What I'm working through right now is trying to remember that this is not my home!! I'm trying so hard to create the "perfect home" and I'm impatiently waiting for it - when it's not even possible!! Haha... I'm just passing through - awaiting my eternal home. So hard to keep that perspective.

  5. I NEEDED to read this today! Thankyou Em! (:

  6. I say ... don't worry about sounding "churchy." Haha! It reminds me of something King Barry told me once ... that religion must have BOTH the relationship and the religion to be complete. ... We must be BOTH "churchy" and "lovey." Ha! That's a lame way of putting it. We must love people the way Jesus loved them, but we must also judge people's fruit, keep them accountable, and well, give 'em the business at times. I'm not saying I'm good at giving people the business when they need it, but I think it's good to - like you, Em. You always give me the business when I need it - in love, in the right way - and that's good. ... Anyways ... I think being "churchy" is okay. But I also know what you're meaning here - we don't wanna point out the specks or preach at people or condemn them - that's not what Jesus called us to do. But He did call us to be "little christs" to a world that is dying - and Jesus wasn't always roses and rainbows to people - he was churchy sometimes! ;)


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