dating my husband

yummmmmmmmmmmm. first time getting some of those fries in ages!

my hot date <3


the view from our air conditioned window :)

my sweetheart treated me to my favorite movie snack
so cool :)

I love spending time with my husband. These pictures are from our 'date night' last weekend... barry kept it a total surprise up until we were on the interstate and i guessed where we were headed :) He treated me to my old favorite - Red Robin for dinner! We grabbed it to go and ate on the way to the drive in so we could get there before dark and score some front row parking [which we did]. We had a good time laughing, relaxing, and just having fun together. I'm so blessed i married a guy who i'll be dating forever!

We had a super chill day today - just the two of us. We slept in until almost noon when we got up to give Sara hugs [actually hug. seeing as barry just waved] and wish her safe travels on her way home. After that, we decided it would be a day to not leave the house. So we just hung out watching Saturday tv movies and trying to get rid of food in the fridge so it doesn't go bad over the next few days while we're gone. It's been so restful [fun too]!

Either way - whether getting dressed up and going out or just lounging around watching movies all day... spending time with my hottie hubs is a fun time :)


  1. Oh I love drive-ins! I hope you guys had a great date night. :] Recently I've been really obsessed with Red Robin, too.

    Also, I might do a post on buttons this week, just so you know. I was totally intimidated, too, but it's SUPER easy.

  2. Thanks girl :)
    and that would be awesome....i've never been good at figuring html things out on my own - so if you teach me how to do it, i'll be eternally grateful!

  3. Junior Mints are amazing. You and Barry are so cute. I'm glad y'all are going to be "dating forever." :D You can ask Barry if he needs Mrs. Kim and I to re-train him on how southerners hug! :P

  4. Hey! I wanted to go to a drive-in movie just recently ... shouldda gone ... but I was all alone. I think I'll just go next time! :D


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