burpees and glasses

Barry is at the range in Tullahoma this weekend with his unit. So i've had the weekend to myself. Jen and Kelli have been fabulous and kept me company both evenings - love them.
Today after bummin' around... i decided to work out.
Holy crap. Jillian Michaels kicks ass. [yes ass. it's more appropriate than butt in this context -trust me]. She had me doing 'burpees' and kickboxing and heaven knows what else in a matter of minutes. I almost threw up. I got through 3 of 7 of her circuits.... which proves to me that i have a long way to go before i'm in really good shape.
Here is my lovely demeanor after said workout:

i was fighting death.
i really want to get into shape. it's the first time my motives in wanting to have been of pure intent. [pure intent... oh my. i crack myself up] i don't want to do it to fit into the world's mold of beauty or because i think i look fat. i want to do it to feel healthy and strong and for the confidence i'm sure it would instill... especially if i ever beast jillian. haha. i just have to MAKE the time for it. i'll never do it in the evenings after work.... so i have to start disciplining myself to get up before work. gah. kill me. SO not an early bird.... but commitment and discipline are both noble qualities to work towards... so i can't diss it.

OH! i'm also excited to say that i got my new glasses today! my wonderful momma sent them down to me and they arrived today! They are supa cute... might even willingly wear them out places [instead of just wearing them when my eyes are too tired for contacts].

Whatcha think?

thank you momma!
I love them! my new prescription in the frames has been a lot harder to get used to than in my contacts.... i'm hoping that's normal. haha.
So ya... that was my day of solitude. then the girls came over! 
Can't wait to have the hubs home tomorrow though....he makes fun of how easily and how much i miss him when he's away... but i don't care.

ok. church in the a.m. and bachelorette in the afternoon. gotsta sleep.

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  1. Yep, I really like the glasses! And the face that goes along with 'em is pretty priceless as well. ;)


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