these are [CARAZY] times

This is what my life has resembled of late. [A WHOLE BUNCH OF CRAZINESS]. I feel like i've been on the move non-stop for the past two weeks. We've had two mission groups in at work, i've conducted about 12 interviews and hired several people, along with the fact that Sara's entire family and my brother and katie were in town all at the same time. CARAZY!
It's been a pretty grand time though! Sara and Katie bonded instantly over their love for coffee and cute clothes. It made for a fun and entertaining weekend watching the two of them down their 'coffee shots' - aka Johny Wayne's, Undertows, and Teardrops. Starbucks became the most common trend of the weekend.



 While here, i was able to dye my brother's hair. It went from his beach blond 'do to a sleek brown in no time! We had a good time! It looks pretty good if i do say so myself!

Today was a pretty good day. Even though i'm sore as crap from all the weekend activities... I got to do some problem solving and conquered, which always makes me feel good. I also got to hang out with the kids instead of just supervising. It was a good time. The girls braided my hair while we worked on puzzles and they helped me clean up a little. It was some sweet bonding time. It makes me look forward to the day i have girls that i can giggle and talk with and have them snuggle with me while we watch movies! It'll be a fun when that day comes!

Anyway, hopefully now i'll have the time to blog now that things have winded down a bit.
I'm so restless these days.... i don't know if it's because i've been so busy at work or what... but i'm so restless it's unbelievable. I feel like i might burst or go crazy at any given moment some days... praying it either goes away or the good Lord gives me an outlet sometime soon!

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  1. Oh, love. I'm so sad for your restlessness. It's a feeling I know well too. So thankful God is refining us in this time.
    Love you!


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