Featured Friend Friday // Mical

My Mical Lynn
My closest friend for about five years running.... even though it seems much longer
Beautiful inside and out... for realz.
Lover of youth
Professional blurter of small spanish phrases
Always smiling, always laughing
Likes sappy sappy movies, sweet tea, and popcorn
Hates reading, talking on the phone, & DRAMA... but the former two she will accept in small doses

Youth Pastor leading SoZo at Calvary Chapel
Super competitive and a fabulous writer
Dancing is her passion
You can find her singing on any given day
Loving on people and encouraging them is her niche 
Crocs, bonfires, friends, and Starbucks hot chocolate are some of her favorites
Christ is her center, joy, and hope.

Mical has been one of my most cherished friendships that God has blessed me with
She is unfailing kind
Never ceases to keep striving for God's plan
Continually loyal, an incredible listener, and great advice giver
My forever bosom friend
I miss you so much mickey!


  1. This comment is late 'cause it wouldn't let me post it several days ago.

    I think I said something to the affect of ...
    Oh, love. I needed this today. Thank you.

    I was having a bad day when I read it the first time. So thank you so much! I love and appreciate this post. And I love and miss YOU so much too!

  2. Yay for Mical! Love her!! <3


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