weekend fun

 It's been a good few days! Our weekend was full of friends, fun, and family!

Our favorite Lil Man from church celebrated his 5th Birthday Saturday... His parents threw him a fantastic Rescue Heroes party and he was surrounded by hoards of people who love him! God has sure blessed the Perry family with Noah... they've been through a lot and their faith in the Lord is unwavering! It was an inspiration just being around and listening to God's faithfulness in their lives! So blessed for their friendships - all 3.5 of them!

Noah and his Strawberry Cake!

I got to hang out with the lovely & beautiful ladies who are known as Jen, Chelsea, & Laura all the rest of Saturday. Jen & Chelsea treated me by taking me into a bunch of cutsie little stores and took me to Fidos and then we met up with Laura at Target and went to get some yummy Greek food. We had so much fun! The restaurant we were at also served hookah and even though i didn't try it... it was amusing watching and we shared good conversation and laughs! We kept the night going by heading to Starbucks and talking for a while longer and i would just like to note that Jen and Chelsea apparently know every other person that walks into the Hermitage Starbucks! haha it was hilarious to me :)

We went to church with Brent and Angie and took Brent out to Famous Dave's for Fathers Day. It was a good time with so much food i couldn't eat dinner. We also started our first DTI week of the summer - a group of all girls... they are a lot of fun! I forgot how much food we eat during a DTI week... oh my goodness.... i feel i've gained 10lbs in the past 3 days!
Anyway... I need to go to bed. I'm so tired - All Of The Time.... i need to get better at going to bed earlier :p

Night all!

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  1. I believe I know Jen. But I need to meet Chelsea and Laura someday :)


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