trustin' in His timin'

Man. SO many emotions, thoughts, ideas, memories... 
all running and colliding through my head lately.

So many in fact.... 
that i can't think of the words to articulate or explain or even fully comprehend myself to let you in on it. So in light of this... you are going to get a bunch of random tidbits of nonsense... enjoy!

I've been addicted to Adele lately. God really gifted that woman with a voice that kills.
Also. no. i'm not a huge Justin Bieber fan.... but this song has been stuck in my head all week!
even though i can't take the following video seriously [Chris dances a lil like a girl and Justin sounds a lil like one]
It's a sweet upbeat song :)

I have no idea what to do with my hair. It's getting more and more frustrating by the day. 
I need to find an effortless haircut..... 
but i'm losing faith in the fact that one even exists at this point.
maybe i'll do this:
well. not really... i'm too much of a wimp. 
besides. i would need to look more pixie-ish to pull of a pixie-do.

Which brings another frustrating occurrence to mind.
I finally found a workout that i love.... 

But i have can't find the willpower to get up an hour earlier in the morning.
I NEED to suck it up and just do it....
I've also decided to take a break from sugar and caffeine. It's going to be extremely difficult this next week, with Sara moving in for the week [caffeine/sugar ADDICT [ha. i love you.]]
But i NEED to do it.
I won't go into it.... because honestly it's boring and causes unnecessary panic to some..... but just know to pray for my health. Due to the fact that i've been consuming caffeine and sugar more than usual lately... my body has been responding in less than pleasant ways. SO. just say a little prayer for me when ya think of it.
ok done with that bit.

In other news.
Barry and I [Sara as well] have become addicted to 
Prison Break

It's super intense and even though my fingernails are suffering, 
i look forward to our edge of the seat marathons.

I've been extremely happy of late.... frustrated and feeling drained... but happy none the less.
It's incredible how JOY never leaves a heart if Christ is running the show,
no matter what else is going on in a person's life.
Thank you Jesus!

Other than that.... 
Just all those 
pacing around in my head... waiting for God's timing to release them.

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  1. I think your random posts are my favorite - they tell me the most about how you're doing and what you're up to :)


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