Our Weekend

Well folks.... i know. i've slacked off. But with VERY good and valid reasons.
My Husband is Home! and I couldn't be happier :)

I took the weekend off from most communication with the outside world (at least when it comes to technology). I didn't take phone calls, hardly checked facebook or my blog.... i just chilled with my sweetheart!

We made Rice Krispy Treats!
Friday night i got home from work and Barry surprised me by taking me OUT for a date :) We tried a new restaurant - Cheddar's - and stuffed ourselves to the brim! It was so yummy! There wasn't a lot for a vegetarian... but since i eat fish, i was able to find something delicious! oh mah goodness... they have the best spinach dip if you're looking for a good one!
After that, we got our tickets to see the new X-Men movie and walked around the mall for a bit before settling on Barnes and Noble for our browsing spot while we waited for showtime! We treated ourselves to actually buying something and judge all you like once you find out what we bought.... [but if you haven't given it a fair shot.... you really don't know what you're talking about!]. We got ourselves some fabulous Glee cd's! Barry and i both think they do better versions of other people's originals [sue us], so the fact that we can listen to our favorite songs done better.... thrilled us! We bought two of them and have been listening to them non-stop!

After browsing the book section [and finding about 10 different books to put on my wishlist] we headed to the theater! We really liked it... i honestly haven't gotten that into a movie in a long time  [as my bitten off fingernails proved] haha! I would definitely recommend going and seeing it... especially if you like James McAvoy ;)

That kicked our weekend off in the direction it ended up taking! Saturday we ended up watching the trilogy of other X-Men movies [my husband thinks this is my crossover into liking sci-fi... but i refuse to agree] and even though i never would've thought i would've enjoyed movies about mutants.... i thoroughly enjoyed myself! haha

Our sunday was spent with our church family and then a restful day of doing absolutely NOTHING, but sitting on the couch watching Prison Break [my first experience with the show]. haha and even though i liked it.... [you can ask barry for an amusing telling of the story].... i got a little stir crazy after 8 episodes (we ended up watching a whopping 12 of them). I paced back and forth, took a bunch of pictures - even impressed myself with some of the pics - and then paced back and forth again. It's rather amusing, thinking back on how funny i must have looked doing such things.

one of the pictures i took while stir crazy

It was a grand weekend to say the least and I'm OH SO HAPPY that he's home! Praying he's not taken away again anytime soon!

So that's why i've not been on the blogz and such a good reason... that you'll have a hard time giving me any flak for it.... but i should be back to it now that we're back on our work and life schedule of sorts!


  1. So glad King Barry's finally home. :D

    And I still can't believe he likes Glee. The soundtracks are amazing, huh? I've got 3 of 'em! Need to get the rest of 'em someday soon.

    Thanks for telling me (I mean, everyone) about your weekend. Love you! :)

  2. I noticed you commented on my blog a while back [thank you!] & thought I'd stop by... I LOVE finding military spouse blogs! They are, oddly enough, few and far between. Keep writing! Your voice is heard and SO helpful. And welcome home to your husband! I can't wait until mine gets back. :]

  3. i'm glad he's home too mical and you're welcome for 'sharing with you' :) love you!

    thanks Amy! your blog is one of my favorites... and i always appreciate knowing someone has the same feelings as i do... stumbling across your blog has been a huge blessing! praying for strength over you until your man gets home!


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